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Sierra x Goddess Rising ♡

Feminine inspiration from our recent model collaboration.

Wowwww can I just say how grateful I am to work with such strong, inspirational women? Our recent photoshoot, shot by the creative Madi (@mad1ann) captured the natural feminine image of our model, Sierra. My grandpa's jeans were styled with a pearl necklace that my grandmother hand-crocheted. The delicate balance of men's jeans paired with a soft pearl tie around the waist calls to the modern women- wearing what she feels most comfortable in, what she feels closest to, what makes her feel most herself.

This new color, Heartfetti, was inspired by the fun and love I personally have for plant dyes. The technique was much like actual funfetti cake- I cut out tiny hearts from onion skins, sprinkled them onto the intimates and 'baked' them in a steam bath on the stove. The affect was an imprint of soft hearts sprinkled into a mix of flower confetti, a reminder that love for oneself is intimate, gentle and delicate.

As with most women that come into my life, I knew Sierra is a Goddess Rising. Read on to be inspired from her interview.

K- So, you recently modeled for us! Tell us a little bit about your experience and why you wanted to try something new.

S: Modeling for Goddess Rising Intimates was a blast and I wouldn’t have asked for a better first-time modeling experience! I was nervous beforehand, but the environment was so comfortable from the minute I walked in that I instantly knew there was nothing to worry about. I decided to try it out because I figured it’d be a cool experience! When I put the intimates on and looked in the mirror I instantly felt super confident. I was also drawn to the brand because it's an all natural/plant based lingerie brand.

K: You spend a lot of time on a farm :) What led you there and what do you do on the farm?

S: Yes yes yes! I absolutely love the farm! It's practically my second home, I’m always there. I work at Rose Bridge Farm and Sanctuary where I take care of goats, sheep, pigs, cows, camels and many other animals! All of our farm animals are rescues that we save from slaughter and meat auctions. We get them as babies and raise them on baby goat bottles until they are old enough to be adopted out as pets for people. I also run tours at the farm where people can come meet the babies and help feed them.

During the summer I was lucky enough to pick out and save my own cow from an auction. I named him Angel and we had him at the farm for about 6 months until we adopted him out to a bigger sanctuary. Raising him was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. When we get cows and goats from the meat auctions they are often very very sick. At certain points we weren’t sure if him and the two other cows we adopted were going to make it. They were only a week old when we rescued them and they were very unhealthy. After hours and hours of around the clock care that we gave to them, they all pulled through strong after a few weeks. They are currently thriving at their new homes.

K: What inspired you to work with animals? Did you always want work in the field you're working in now?

S: I’ve always had an overwhelming love for animals. When I was a little girl I dreamed of working with animals and during my freshman year of college, those dreams started coming true. I’m now a junior at my university where I study Animal Science and over the past three years I’ve dedicated thousands of hours to working with and caring for animals. I first worked at a cat rescue and then I was an intern at a wildlife center where I worked with opossums, skunks, raptors, and a bunch of reptiles. Now I dedicate my time to school and working at the farm.

It is my job, but it's also much deeper than just being a place I go to in order to make money. I'm truly so passionate about the work I do and I’m lucky to have a job that I love. The joy that the animals I work with give me is an unmatched feeling. They motivate me and there's never a dull moment at that farm. They light me up and make my heart happy.

K: What is special about your connection with animals? How does your ability to connect with animals transfer over to people?

S: There are so many special things about working with animals and the connections humans can make with them. Animals are just like us, they want to be loved and they want to give love. Whether it be to humans or other creatures, animals have so much personality, affection, and emotion to offer to those around them. It is easy to label companion animals like dogs or cats as ‘mean’ or ‘aggressive’, but they’re really just misunderstood and have most likely been treated badly by humans.

I feel like my ability to connect with animals transfers over to people when I'm doing tours at the farm. I really enjoy giving tours because it makes the visitors at the farm so happy. A lot of people who come to the farm have never been able to bottle-feed baby goats and cows, so it's a totally new experience for them. I love when the children get super excited. I see the biggest smiles ever on the visitors when they interact with our animals. I enjoy telling people the animals' names, background stories, and how we care for them.

K: How does being a woman in your industry empower you?

A: I enjoy being a woman in my industry because I’m constantly outside and I feel like it helps me connect with myself, my femininity and nature. Being outside surrounded by plants and animals makes me feel empowered. Although I have lots of fun taking care of the animals, I often have to do a lot of hard and strenuous physical activity out in the scorching hot or freezing cold since I am a farmer. I believe doing this physical labor also makes me feel empowered as it makes me physically stronger.

K: If you were a color what color would you be?

S: I think I’d be either pink or a light yellow. I like all the different shades and tints that pink can come in, and yellow reminds me of the sun.

K: What words of wisdom do you have for your younger self?

S: Something positive I’d tell my young self is to embrace my sensitivity. I'm a very sensitive and emotional person to the point where it used to embarrass me growing up. I hated how I cried so much. Sometimes I still hate how I cry so much. But being sensitive helps me understand and love people very deeply. I’ve dealt with a lot of mental health issues my whole life, and although it’s hard, that's just how things go. There's nothing wrong with having to let my emotions out more than the average person might have to. It's a beautiful thing to express your feelings. Its so much better than keeping it in to the point where it eats you alive.


Give @rosebridgefarmsanctuary a follow to support good-hearted humans raising and saving farm animals.

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You deserve boundless love.



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