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Plant Dyes


Goddess Rising Intimates only uses 100% plant dyes. This means less human harm and less impact on the Earth. Up until 1856, society used only plant dyes for clothing. This meant plant material or bugs were used to create color in garments.

In 1938, the first synthetic fiber was manufactured with the use of Petroleum. This launched a force of synthetic dyes and fibers within the fashion industry. We can now see the negative effects of disposed synthetic dyes into natural water ways which have harmed people and their farmlands.

When I investigated my own closet, I wondered why all my bras and panties were made of synthetic fabrics and dyes. Was this safe for me to wear near my feminine areas? No girl, it wasn’t.

Unlike other natural brands that use low impact dyes, I want to build a story around the nature of plants and women. Each collection launched on Goddess Rising Intimates features a new plant dye that holds a different theme and energy around it.

“The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision” is one of my favorite quotes form Rosemary Gladstar. Give our bras and panties a try and you’ll experience the transformation that plants have on you too.

Goddess Rising Intimates accepted into the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Program of 2022.
Also a member of the All Together Now PA Clothing & Textile Coalition.


Hi beauties. I’m Kelli, the founder of Goddess Rising Intimates. One of my most impactful muses is my Nana. She taught me to create using gifts from nature that are right under our noses. When my parents got married, Nana made her own silk dress. The buttons she owned didn’t match the color of her handmade dress, so she made a fresh brew of coffee and tea in a small tea pot. She dyed small pieces of silk in the pot to then sew over her buttons. It was a perfect match!

She also nurtured my deep love for nature. I discovered the bras and panties we’re wearing today are not serving our nature. Instead, they are fighting against it. And who needs or wants more conflict in our world? Not me!

I designed in the fashion industry in LA for 8 years until I fell in love with a boy. Love led me to Philly where I conceived Goddess Rising Intimates. I felt that women’s delicate parts deserved better than what the current market was offering, so I founded this brand. My purpose with Goddess Rising Intimates is to make products that serve Mother Nature and women’s nature.


Creating a new brand is hard work, but I’m doing it because I care about all of you. I want you to have access to products that truly work with nature and make you feel nurtured. Give our bras or panties a try, I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Your body will thank you too!

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