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Alexis Nunnelly x Goddess Rising ♡

Our latest collaboration with the AMAZING Alexis Nunnelly.

Hi beauties!

Spring in springing and we are *here* for it!

It just hits different on the East Coast. I'm pretty sure last weekend it was snowing and fast forward to today, I am taking sunshine-filled rides on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle. Life is sweet.

We love to connect to artists in all different realms. Ballet dancer? Love. Shell ceramic maker? Yes! (check out IG @chell_fish_nyc). Our recent fan-girling led us to a sparkling, unique artist on instagram named @alexis.nunnelly. After a day of DM-ing, we decided to make a collaboration.

What grabbed my attention to Alexis’ art was her way to collage the beauty of women and 'realness of life' together. Scrolling through her IG feels whimsical, glittery, raw, romantic, dainty but powerful- it feels like how I feel as a woman. And I love that.

After an introduction phone call and some girl talk, I sent her a few samples and the collaboration commenced.

Alexis drove down to sunny Florida from Indiana, ventured on a kayak through the Everglades (and the possibility of encountering pythons), until she landed in Miami.

And thus, Mylar was birthed. Read on to be inspired.

K- So you’re an artist- tell us a bit about yourself and your art!

A: I am an image maker who uses paint, photography, plants, and the human form as material. I love painting large scale, usually the human body...COLORS…sewing canvas, nurturing seeds and plants and working with friends and models to tell stories. Sensuality really reigns in my studio and mind. I trained as a painter— BFA in my hometown of Indianapolis and MFA in NYC— and now have a really intuitive, personal and spiritual connection to making work. This tender sort of trust in myself to create my own mold not necessarily prescribed by the art world has always been there, but I’ve come to really embody it over the past year. I’m the type of artist to really follow my gut and bliss. Seasons ebb and flow where I focus on making different kinds of projects. I post work and inspiration to Instagram @alexis.nunnelly and I’m always open to more connection!

(Hit her up ppl)

K: What inspired the name of Mylar?

A: I guess just the material itself. I always have a tagline for project ideas that kind of drives the production. So this one was ‘I see you in my reflection’. The idea that nature and ultimately our realities are a reflection of our mental state and beliefs. There’s a sort of accountability that comes with that awareness that I like. We are responsible for the reflection we create.

K: How did it feel being the model in your own project?

A: I keep trying to get away from shooting my self…Not that there’s anything inherently wrong, I just kind of always have this old belief that people might “take me more seriously” if I wasn’t shooting my self. I’ve been working so much with myself for so long. Within the last few years I’ve really tried to share my concepts with other people and get other models to pose. It affords me a little bit more control over the composition and the ways in which the images are being made. When you’re shooting self portraits, at least for me, they are really left up to chance. I kind of place the camera in a general direction and hit the self timer. I kept sending out the concept for the shoot to models but no one was available for the time frame so I just went out at sunrise and shot myself. I’ve developed a lot of confidence to be alone in public doing these kind of things…just another dreamy day at the office.

K: I believe women create in many different cycles of life. Did you channel/create Mylar in a specific cycle within your life?

A: Oh yeah…this time of my life has been so extremely powerful. It feels like liberation and spring and blooming and radical commitment to myself. It’s the culmination of finally living in a way that I have been journaling about and desiring for so so long. A recognition of my ultimate values and desires and loving myself and the quality of my life enough to go fuqn get it. It’s bliss, it’s exploration and a challenge to myself to look at change as a beautiful, constant law instead of something chaotic to disrupt some sense of stability. This cycle is me showing up for my projects, me being joyful in my day to day…widening circles.

K: How does being a woman in the industry empower you?

A: I mean…I’m obsessed with being a woman. I love being critical of the ways in which we are viewed and consumed and at the same time I love playing into it. I think a lot about making images, especially when they are geared towards the fashion industry and starting to really be clear on my intent to not perpetuate ageism and airbrushed realities. I want the raw and real version of being in a body that ultimately makes women legit goddesses. Documenting my body and telling stories are just coming from the reality I live in. It’s what I know.

K: Do you have any daily rituals that help nourish your creativity?

A: I am currently practicing kundalini and breath work daily…sometimes twice a day. Shout out to Barbie bricks with the angel course. I’m really loving it. If you can go sit in public on the beach and practice breath of fire in front of strangers, your confidence for other things just skyrockets. I am super interested in yoga and meditation which has been a crucial tool to help me retrain my mind and body connection over the past few years. I try to draw something everyday without judgement to keep my muscle for that strong while I’m in a season of no traditional studio space.

K: If you were a color what color would you be?

A: UGH… this is so hard. Pink? That’s my not-so-guilty pleasure. But probably something bright and transparent and rich and glowing. Probably like, a saturated crystal in a rock that you break open…and unexpectedly you’re like how does that exists in nature…?

K: Advice for someone wanting to take the leap into their creative passion full time?

A: There is no room for doubt. You can literally do anything you put your mind to with discipline and passion and commitment to show up. Get really clear on how you want to actually spend your days. Sometimes versions of our passions aren’t really something were really meant to be doing full time…so clarity and asking for help!!!

JUST GO — it literally all works itself out.

I love going for walks in nature or even around the block. Dancing around to really good music to raise my frequency and get my blood flowing. Journaling is also a big one for me…but in this season of change I feel myself opening to new ways to tap into my creativity.

K: What's scary about supporting yourself as an artist?

A: When that doubt inevitably creeps in and it’s honestly really hard at times to be the one creating the rules for your own business and practice and schedule. Sometimes you don’t know where the next gig will come from and pushing forward might seem silly but that’s where that faith comes in.

K: What's freeing about supporting yourself as an artist?

A: You get to make the rules for how others engage with your work. Artists really are cultural creators and it’s exciting to challenge the norms and rewrite social scripts.

K: How are you a Goddess rising?

A: I’m choosing to live life on my own terms as best as I can. To educate myself and see that the world we currently live in is not meant to serve our highest potential.

Developing a relationship with my inner spirit and disciplining my mind in a world that makes it so easy to numb out…. That seems like the most important thing to me. To have unconditional acceptance of who I am at all times… knowing that I am wise and powerful and radiant and have everything I need and so much more.

I feel like being a goddess rising is opening to learning and constant awareness shifts.

Embodying who you really are inside.


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