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April Meditation: Planting Seeds

Pull the weeds of your mind.

It's been a minute Goddesses.

Spring is actually here now- like no more surprise snow. This is a win! (Sorry for my Northern Hemisphere babes.)

For those of you who don't know, April holds Earth day. I like to think of all of April as Earth month. At Goddess Rising we love the Earth, nature and all her beauty. If you haven't yet, go outside to take a few deep breathes today. Tell the sun thank you, or admire Spring happening around your sweet, sweet soul. It's pure magik!! Different than our super cozy Pure Magik Hipster panties, but still magik.

We are nature. Our bodies are organic, we eat nature, admire nature and are made of essential elements like water. If you have been feeling like the days are flying by, this is for you. If you have been feeling 'off' this is also for you. If your own personal time is being handed out to others non-stop, this is for you.

So get comfy, put your phone on Do Not Disturb and give yourself a few 'me time' minutes for the following journal prompts.


Anywhere on a piece of paper, begin to write out "I, (full name) am ____, ____, and ____." In the blanks, write in kind and loving descriptions for yourself. Take a pause to acknowledge these aspects of you that make up who you are.


For this next part, we are going to write down our self doubts. If this begins to feel icky, remember that these self doubts are not true. Love is what anchors you. If it helps, repeat 'love is what anchors me.' Continue to write down the self doubts you tell yourself.


This is the magik part. Next to each of your 'weeds' you will write the flip side.

Ex: 'I am not enough' would be

'I have enough around me to hold and support me'.

Draw a single line through the 'weed thought'. As you pull what is not true out of your thought, you can acknowledge what IS true within your reality. I like to call this 'pulling your weeds' because you are literally ripping up these tiny little root systems that have somehow barely latched on to your kind heart, and upon examining them realize that they are not true. Toss em out like weeds! Your mind might become a little less fuzzy and heart a little stronger. Let yourself really see the thought, rip it out and see that is it not truth. Love is truth!


Once you have written down all your truths to the 'weeds' you have pulled, say those positive sentences out loud. Doesn't it feel good? These are the new seeds you are planting. These are seeds formed from love and honesty. If you feel inspired, add a few goals highlighting your own self-care for the next week. Visit this often, say your seed sentences aloud often, and watch as new love grows within yourself.

I personally have been going through waves of doubt and 'meh-ness' about how I look and feel. This is okay. We are human beings living human experiences and it can't always be positive. BUT it is possible to acknowledge the kind and loving things around us and in our lives. Love is love, after all.

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You are worthy of so much love.



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