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A how-to to embrace all that you are: a Goddess

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Welcome to my first LoveThought post. I want this space to exist for you for ideas of creativity and abundance.

What speaks to you, let it sink in.

What inspires you, let in bring action.

What makes your heart light up, may it spread out past the boundaries of your body.

And so it is.

A dose of realness at times. And at other times- dreaminess.

Words Actions

Below is a #mantra; a word or phrase repeated to oneself to re-wire the brain into a healthier way of thinking. To connect to a mantra, take a few breaths, and repeat, focusing on each word. Below is a phrase I have been working with, although if a different word connects with you more, then use that.

“I AM a Goddess. I AM a Goddess. I AM a Goddess.”

Although it is lovely to connect to these words in quiet and peace, I find these words enrich daily parts of my life. Brushing my hair- "I AM a Goddess." Setting up for work- "I AM a Goddess." Sipping on my coffee- "I AM a Goddess."

A word begins in your mind. It holds its own energy, or emotion. For instance- the word hate and the word love.

Notice how your body holds itself with the word hate repeating. Do your shoulders feel heavier? Does the word sound sharp in your mind? Does the tongue press to the roof of the mouth?

Notice how your body holds itself with the word #love repeating. Does your spine sit taller? Does the word physically make you smile? Can you notice the easiness of your breath?

As a word repeats in the mind, it trickles down into the body. Take a deep breath. Repeat "I AM a Goddess" as many times as feels right.

How is your body being held now? Take note of your shoulders, the length in between your collar bones to the top of your head, and the center point of your body- your heart. Your forehead muscles may have relaxed. Feels good, right?

This is the manifestation of a word into the body.

Below are some #journalprompts. Take a quiet moment to yourself with a hot coffee or tea, or a tall glass of water. With a few exhales, allow your tailbone to feel rooted into the earth, feel your spine bones align tall, and your lungs release any stale air. Then gently read and answer the below (you can answer with words, sentences, or doodles- there is no wrong or right way <3)


♡ What is being a 'Goddess' to me?

*note: how a Goddess cooks, listens to music, walks to the bedroom, hugs friends, treats self, treats others, what colors and scents surround her, etc...

♡ Where can I infuse the mantra "I AM a Goddess" into my daily life?

♡ How can I embody being a Goddess in my daily life?

*one examples I have executed is taking up space with big stretches in the kitchen as my coffee brews. To me, a Goddess is not afraid to take up space and expand ;)


Coming forth will be more journal prompts on creativity and raising your authentic self to shine outwards. Be sure to subscribe to emails to easily receive monthly #LoveThoughts in your virtual mailbox <3





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