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Revisiting the Past

Healing and loving

Have you ever thought about a certain situation in the past that effects you now in the present? I'm sure everyone can say yes to that one! Most of the time it's the moments that hurt or embarrass us. It might've been heartbreak, dishonesty, lies. I decided to try something new this week that I hope can help you out.

We hold tension in the body. Physical tension, like stress from work, bills, relationships that build up as mini rocks in our shoulders or give your head a little ache. Knowing this is true, it can make sense that past hurts might also live in your body. I was meditation this week, and thought about a past heartbreak I had when I was 16. The embarrassment I felt during those highly emotional years have effected me still. It's safe to say I am much wiser than my 16 year old self, as are you. So, I decided to revisit that experience in my mind. Try out the below, and see what beauty unfolds for you.


There are many ways to ground down in your body, or decompress. Sometimes the easiest thing is keeping it simple. Lay down on the ground. Close your eyes. Focus on the your deep breaths. Let your mind release all the thoughts it needs to, until it begins to really feel light and relaxed. It may take a few minutes, which is just perfect.


Bring an experience into your mind that hurt you in the past. It can be small or big. Your mind might bring you to something you forgot about, but just ride where it brings you to. The present you is older, wiser, has a fuller heart. You can face this experience from all angles, all viewpoints, rather than the viewpoint of your younger, more naive self. Let your present self see this experience with a wider lens. See how others reacted, how you reacted, with an unbiased opinion. Face this experience with love.


Come back to your breath, to your body. Take time to soften. Let go of the grip you had on the situation back in the day, knowing it was an experience of a younger you. Tell your younger self it's ok, tell your present self it's ok. Bring your hand to your heart and feel your heart beat. Today you might release a tiny bit of what you thought the experience was, back when you were younger. Practice doing this a few times, coming back to this same experience until one day you feel more compassionate about what you experienced. You've got this.

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You are worthy of all the love.



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