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January Meditation: ReFresh

Releasing and Growing.

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.

Happy New Year! 2023 baby!! I am so excited for this year, as you should be too. Why you ask? Growth. Reflect back on who you were in 2022 and who you are now in 2023. Lots of lessons, right? Lots of realizations, a lot of pausing, planning and incubating. But can you feel it... the freshness? It's like we are pulling away the layer of lockdowns and sighing a deep breath out, having literally more freedom to move. I am sure you had a good amount of time to turn inwards, to think, to be with yourself. Those are precious times, and what's even better is shining who you are NOW into our world. What a gift.

I would love for you to feel celebratory of your new year, 2023. Who were you in 2022? How did you act towards strangers? Did certain relationships grow? Did certain relationships (with yourself and with others) fall off, develop, expand, evolve? Below is an introduction to one of my favorite meditations I love to do for a reset. I hope you can find 5 minutes for this, it's really juicy and lets you feel lighter.

Get R E S T E D

Winter is all about rest. It may be hard to believe if your winter is an average of 70 degrees, but if you're in sync with the seasons, winter is quiet. It's slow, on purpose. Both the end of last year and beginning of this year are in winter, and that's on purpose. During this time, we are meant to reflect, plan and release. Turn inwards, soften, pause. To begin this meditation, throw on super fuzzy socks, take off your bra and pull your hair out of your face. Sit or lay down with your favorite pillow or blanket and sink into your own body. Take 4 deep, deep breaths... focus a lot on the inhale into the belly, the pause at the top of the lungs, and the smooth and controlled exhale out of your mouth. Allow any pressure to release from your chest. Close your eyes. Your heart begins to open. Just be here for as long as you need, knowing you can take as much time for you as you damn well want. 👸🏻

Get O P E N

After you feel more decompressed and relaxed from breathing, take a big body stretch. Make a big 'x' shape or pencil stretch. Hold that shape, but let your body fall and relax open into that expansion. Pause again. Repeat to yourself 'I am expanding'.


Once you feel as light as a feather, tingly and floaty, locate your journal or a piece of paper. Stay in that floaty head space to let your heart write for you.

- Who am I now?

- Who was I a year ago?

- How have I grown?

- Where do I want to grow more?

- What am I proud of doing for myself in 2022?

- What am I proud of doing for someone else in 2022?

- What do I have hope in?

- What do I have faith in?

- What is a big dream of mine?

- What am I going to do for myself at least once this month?

- How can I find rest this month?

- My one word for 2023 is...

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Celebrate! Cheers!



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