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November Meditation: Transitions

Releasing and Growing.

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.
@yiayia wearing her jewels and Goddess Rising

Above: @yiayiabella wearing Goddess Rising Intimates. Shop her jewelry collection here.

October came and went but I want to take a moment to honor what September and October brought to me. Interns, fashions shows and moving. Yes dude, all of it. I am so blessed to have a design intern that has so far helped me with the city bus systems and fashion show prep. I also have my 3 other marketing interns and they all live together; it kind of feels like sister vibes which makes me miss my own sister at times. Literally- all in a month, 4 interns. I went from 0 to 100 real quick! It also feels good to have support for the million side projects I have in my brain- if you have your own business or even work in a company I highly suggest asking for an intern. Life-changing.

September also held PFW (Philly Fashion Week), which is right after NYFW (New York Fashion Week). It holds more local and up-and coming designers from streetwear to swimwear. This year, Goddess Rising was invited to showcase at PFW to close out the weekend. My design intern and I headed down to FabScrap, a really awesome upcycled fabric spot down in the city. A lot of design companies will kindly donate their extra or unused textiles and fabric instead of throwing it into the landfill. This is called deadstock. There is SO MUCH there, it blows me away every time. It's small in comparison to the deadstock warehouses in LA. My intern met me there and we found some really ethereal fabric to make into a goddess-y robe for fashion week. I went to Trader Joe's and basically bought out their flower section to hand-sew into the robe. It was the ultimate romance vibes 🥲

Above: Model @lexi.mili in a hand-sewn custom robe and Milk Thistle bra and panty set.

I got really great feedback on this robe and might have plans for more of this romantic feel for the future. Stay tuned <3 Below is a little mind meditation, feel free to take it all in at once or come back to it and try a different piece out. I am positive it will help harmonize your heart.


The same week of fashion week my fiancé and I also decided to move across the city. You know, two birds one stone. As crazy as that week was, we are finally settling into our new spot which does have a studio space for Goddess Rising. This is definitely an upgrade from living and working in a loft, aka no doors and not much space. Whatever transition you are going through right now- know that it is temporary and you will move through and past it. I feel for those of you where the transition is difficult, I've been there, heck I am there. It will get better if you keep you heart open and your big goals or 'why' at the forefront of your mind. You've got this <3


Like I said, being self-employed isn't easy. Seeing friends get married and other friends traveling and other friends at coffee shops isn't easy. But know that the sacrifices you make today are for the better of the life you are creating for tomorrow. It may not be a big sacrifice, but if you have a goal of being healthier you will have to detach from your netflix every now and then. Get it? It can be small steps to get to where you want to get, and know that it will be worth it. Keep going <3


I once had a boss who always told me to ask the "5 Whys" to get to the root of a problem. So, let's try this for a 'fear'. Pick a fear and ask 'why'? Follow up with another 'why' to the answer.

Example: I fear of my business failing.

Why? Because I have put all my energy and money into it.

Why? Because I believe in it and care about it.

Why? Because I know women need better and healthier intimates for the Earth and their bodies.

Why? Because women don't know what is and isn't healthy for their bodies in regards to clothing.

Why? Because nobody has taught them so it's up to me.

As you can see above, my fear is caring. I got to the root of CARING and can instead focus on that instead of the fear of failing. It's a new way to switch up your perspective- try it out!

What do I Need?

You've done the work. You have listened to your heart. Now, what do you need? What would make you happy if you did that ONE thing before bed? Do it, without questioning it this time. Tend to yourself.

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Love over fear baby.



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