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September Meditation: Opening Hearts

How is your heart?

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.
@yiayia wearing her jewels and Goddess Rising

Above: @yiayiabella wearing Goddess Rising Intimates. Shop her jewelry collection here.

Helloooo sweet lil bees. A meditation has not been written since April, and I am currently writing this eating straight up chocolate chips. This week was the full moon and I started my bleed, so although broccoli would be a healthier choice for iron, chocolate chips just feel happier. Since we've last chatted, I've brought on 4 new interns for Goddess Rising, learned to take public transport, and have decided to move into the city. And summer! We literally blew through summer!

The other day my best friend told me she feels like summer is just beginning for her, and I'm sure she isn't alone in that feeling. Summer has came and gone for me, but I want to take a moment to honor sweet summer before we immerse ourselves into Autumn.

So, where are you at? How are you feeling? Have you thought about summer since it happened? Are you in the full swing of it? Let's tap into this a bit more with a small meditation.

Let's open our hearts shall we...

First, please close you eyes and take a few big, full belly breaths and sigh out your exhales. Ahhhhh yes.

Love over Fear

Grab a piece of paper and put a line down the middle. Write 'Love' and 'Fear' at the top of either side of the line. Start to write. If you begin to pause and think, just keep your pen on paper and keep writing. Write and write and write all the big or little things you love and fear.

Hands over Heart

Once you feel you wrote enough, place your hands over your heart and read all the things out loud you have under the 'Fear' side. Read them for what they are. Notice how your heart feels. Then do the same for the 'Love' side and be sure to smile as you say them.


I once had a boss who always told me to ask the '5 Why's' to get the the root of a problem. So, let's try this for a 'fear'. Pick a fear and ask 'why'? Follow up with another 'why' to the answer.

Example: I fear of my business failing.

Why? Because I have put all my energy and money into it.

Why? Because I believe in it and care about it.

Why? Because I know women need better and healthier intimates for the Earth and their bodies.

Why? Because women don't know what is and isn't healthy for their bodies in regards to clothing.

Why? Because nobody has taught them so it's up to me.

As you can see above, my fear is caring. I got to the root of CARING and can instead focus on that instead of the fear of failing. It's a new way to switch up your perspective.

What do I Need?

You've done the work. You have listened to your heart. Now, what do you need? What would make you happy if you did that ONE thing before bed? Do it, without questioning it this time. Tend to yourself.

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Love over fear baby.