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January Meditation: Home Cleansing ♡

Energetic cleansing of your home.

So fun! The first journal entry of the year 2022 : )

If you've been with me since our launch of Oct '21, then you know our regular Fullmoon journal entries as well as our GiveBacks.

To start off the year, we are recalibrating our journals to align them with more of what you deserve. Think more unique meditations and less #fullmoon meditations. If your heart is sad about this do not fret! You can always check back with past moon meditations because you are ever-evolving and an older meditation might hit you different.

Here's to the new year! Enjoy 😉


Locate the 'heart of your home'. I like to say the 'heart' because it is the center of your house (or apt or room) where you feel is either most alive or feels most safe to you. If you're not sure where that is, simply walk around your home slowly until your body tells you 'this is the heart of my home'.

I think at one point in my life the 'heart of my home' was in the laundry room- strange, right? That's where our cute bunnies lived, where I would talk with my mom as she did laundry and more often that not where I would yell to my dad through the garage door while he did a number of projects in the garage. It felt safe to me. A space where I could always hear my family enter or exit.


Now let yourself connect to the 'heart of your home' space. You can light a candle or throw a blanket over yourself, get comfortable. Really set the tone here. Let this specific space know that you feel the most comfort and secure and love and joy. Close your eyes and take a few breaths in and out, thanking your home. Giving gratitute.


To uniquely cleanse your own home, ask what your home needs. It might be easier to write down and ask, "Home, what do you need to be cleansed?" Sit with this for a few minutes. Continue to relax into your body and space. If at any time your mind starts to think of an answer, just come back to deep breaths, place your hand on your heart and ask the question again.

I recently did this mini home cleansing and my answer was to physically clean every closet in the house. I felt so refreshed afterwards. Another time I did this it was to practice yoga and to image pressing myself into every inch of the room, almost like I was thumb-printing myself everywhere. That specific cleansing allowed me to take up a lot of room with my energy. Almost as if I was reclaiming my space.

I would love to hear from any of you that did this meditation and see what your home told you. You can always let me know through IG DM's or comment on the IG post in our instagram @goddessrising_intimates.


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Continue to choose Yourself this week.



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