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How to Ground Your Mornings

Setting intentions for your day.

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Last night it snowed here in Philly. Granted, it was a light dusting but it got me to thinking about how I am probably not the only one feeling the winter blues. Growing up in yearly 75 degree weather has definitely made me rethink how I take care of my mind and body, especially in the winter, especially in the city. And so, three winters in, I thought it would be super useful to share what I've learned and applied to be able to love my days in winter, rather than just get through them.

Slow Down

The minute you wake up can be a really soft, gentle time if you make it so. Yes, you need to get your day going but it doesn't mean gluing your eyes to a screen and quickly eating breakfast. Girl, this is the best time to float into your morning. Tips to wake up in bliss:

- Choose an alarm that sounds like angels, but will still wake you up. If you're an IPhone user, I love the 'Helio' alarm sound.

- Put your phone across the room, this way you have to get up. I put mine by my lamp and at the same time turn my lamp on. Soft lighting, of course.

- Hydrate! Fill a cup up next to your phone the night before, so that it's room temperature and easy to sip on. Your body just went 6-8 hours without water, so it's important to hydrate.

- Don't go on your phone. This one is key! Your mornings are for YOU, not Emily's email reply or social media. Trust me on this one.


Create a mini ritual for your morning. The 'slow down' portion is a way to wake up and support your body, however, do something for You in the morning. For me, it's super simple. I use the restroom, splash my face with cold water and brush my teeth. This mini ritual allows me to feel like I took care of myself for a small moment. I support my fiancé in the mornings with breakfast and making lunch, so this little ritual means a lot to me. The ritual shifts in the seasons- in summer, I do 20 minutes of yoga, in the fall I tend to journal a single page. See what you can incorporate for You in Your morning. Something you have to do for Yourself to ground down into, well, You. Create Your Ritual.

Set the Mood

At this point, you'll have moved out of your bedroom into a different area of your home. Set the tone. For me, it's the kitchen. I open all the blinds right when I get into this room, put a happy playlist on and begin to make coffee. I make my environment cozy and full of light and warm. This is how I want to feel in the morning, so I reflect how I want to feel into my environment. Does that make sense? However you want to feel, make sure your environment reflects that. It's a simple but very effective practice to take on.

Ease into your morning. Let yourself ground down into each thing you are doing, making, eating. Try to wait as long as you can to not go on social media or emails. This time is for you, your heart, your mind and your body. Trust that it is.

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Own your mornings.



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