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Supermoon in Capricorn- sensing the self.

Happy Supermoon in Capricorn! Last month we had a #supermoon as well. These past two months may have felt ~extra~.

This month's Capricorn full supermoon falls on Thursday 6/24. The sun is in Cancer for this moon season which means heightened emotions. Although, if you are a sensitive person like me, then u have already been feeling *everything* as it is. : )

For this month's #fullmoon exercise, I wan to get you more grounded into your body. It may feel a little jarring to have the world just open up again. With those feelings I want for us all to be able to navigate back into the beautiful living energy of life! We have cocooned and rested and 'chilled' to the max, which I am sure was very needed for our over-stimulated and over-worked psyches. Now is the time for re-birth and to re-awaken our homey bodies. Yay!

If you follow us on instagram, I am beginning to do these little meditations over IG Live. If you would rather listen to my voice and be guided into the meditation, go to our instagram @goddessrising_intimates and click our latest IG Live video : )

RE- L I G H T.

I suggest laying down for this mini meditation. If you prefer to sit up, make sure your beautiful spine is supported.

Feel the earth supporting your body. Close ur eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths to cleanse your mind. This time is for you.

Begin to call your essence into your body. Call your heart energy into your body. Call your energy back into your body. Feel a warm glow in your heart.

Give this glow a color. See this glowing color tingle out past your heart and spread across your collar bones. See and feel it expand to your lungs, ribcage, spine, hips, legs, feet, arms, hands, throat, jaw, eyes, to the tip of you head. There is no 'wrong' way to extend this light, just breathe it into every inch of urself.

Take your time.

See the glowing light in between your eyebrows. Envision a tiny mirror in between your eyes and at the back of your skull. This tiny glowing light begins to reflect back and forth, back and forth, between these two mirrors. The bouncing reflection gets quicker until it becomes one solid line of glowing light. Feel it cleansing your thoughts and the clutter and re-calibrating your body. Balance.

Take your time to slowly awaken your body up. Wiggle fingers and open and close your jaw. When you are ready, grab a piece of paper and a pen and let's move forward.


Now that you are present in your body, we are going to dive into its sensations. It is super important to connect to your senses and balance them out. This time in life is very visual, but it is important to bring up other senses.

This road map is about what your body wants or needs. When you ask your body the below questions, listen to your heart, really ask that body part, and see how your body responds. This is less about day dreaming and more about having a conversation with your body. Magik.

Write 'MY LIVING DREAM' at the top of your paper.
Wiggle ur feet. Massage them. Touch them. Thank them. Close your eyes + ask your feet 'Where do u want to walk? What do u want to walk on? Do u want to be barefoot? Are you wearing certain shoes?'

Begin to answer these questions on your paper in the present tense. Ex: My feet walk on the beach. My feet are barefoot. My feet dance! *there are no wrong answers*

Feel your skin. Graze your body with your fingertips. Sit still. Close your eyes + ask ur skin 'What does the air feel like? Is it humid? Is it dry? Do you feel a breeze? Is the air cool and calm? Are you naked? Are you bundled in flannels or blankets?'

Remember- this is not about how you actually feel *right now* but rather what your body *wants*. What your body likes! So- how does your skin feel? Ex: The air feels humid on my skin. The skin absorbs the warm sun. There is a slight breeze on my skin.

Feel your ears. Close your eyes + ask ur ears 'What do they want to hear? What sounds are in your dream life? Is it quiet? Do you hear birds or the ocean or leaves rustling in the wind?'

How cute! When was the last time u felt ur ears?! Ex: I hear the ocean. I hear myself humming. I hear music playing outdoors.

If a mirror is nearby, look at your eyes. Admire them, then close them. Imagine looking down at your 'dream feet'. Look at the ground around them. Ask your eyes 'What do you see? Is there dirt? Grass?' Begin to 'look up' in your dream world. Ask your eyes 'What is your scenery? How does the sky look? Is it sunny?' Explore this.

Let your vision in your mind guide you. Go slowly. Maybe you can only see the ground and that is ok. Ex: I see the jungle floor. My toes are painted a pretty red. I am surrounded by palm trees. I see sunshine.

Observe your hands. Hold your own hands. Rub them together, feel them. Close your eyes + ask your hands 'What are you holding? Are you throwing something? Are you creating something hands? What are you doing hands?'

Ex: My hands hold my friends' hands. My hands hold my own face. My hands swim through the ocean.

Not every sense may be easy to connect with. Some may be easier than others, and that is ok. You can practice this daily with one sense, or weekly. It does take practice to listen to our bodies.


Enjoy ur #fullmoon meditation! I hope this sweet little dream map lets you see what your body is craving. Some might actually be attainable, so I invite you to have this near you where you can see it every day as a reminder to what your body wants or needs or desires.

If you have on there something like 'My feet walk on the beach', can you go walk on the beach more often? You get the gist.

Feel free to do these prompts all at once (the best result if u just commit) or throughout the 3-day energy of this full moon in Capricorn. You can do them in any order, add more, add less, u do u <3

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May your day be filled with love.



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