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Full moon in Virgo- soften, ground, identify, connect.

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Happy #fullmoon babes!

My goodness- was it just me or did this month contain SO MUCH EMOTION?

For all my winter birds- I am sending warmth n sunbeam love to ur hearts right now.

Really. Close your eyes, take big breaths into ur heart and welcome love all around you, absorb it in like sunshine rays.

For my luck lucky sun birds, please go outside and feel ur sweet sun for us all. Give it gratitude. Thank it <3

This #fullmoon in Virgo is all about soft, light and grounding energy. Just typing that out let my body react with a sweet sigh. And honestly- this is just what we need before Spring begins to bud her new floras.

This moon guidance below was written in an order, although you may find that this order does not suite your body and you may need to ground first or connect first, but only YOU will know what is right in this moment for YOUR body.

S O F T E N.

I invite you to soften. What does this look like for you? It may be surrounding yourself/your body with literal soft things- blankets, warm candles, cozy sweats or a comfy Melissae Bralette (heh).

You might want to lay your body down on the ground and feel it's weight on the Earth, starting from the toes to the top of the head, just relaxing each body part.

It could be big big deep exhales sighs out of your mouth.

Sometimes baking cookies softens my fast-moving brain. There is no wrong answer, I want you to really connect to YOU and ask yourself- what does softening look like to me? Then do it- yuuhs queen.

Again, if softening is more of a challenge right this moment, then read on and try one of these other modalities. You can revisit softening : )

G R O U N D.

Okay, so this is my favorite grounding meditation.

Please sit tall (pillows help for back support) or lay down (I like pillows under my knees for back support too).

With eyes softly focused or closed, imagine grass beneath you. What does it smell like? What does it feel like? What is the air like? Take note of any sounds you hear or sensations you feel (in ur heart too).

Big breaths to begin.

Imagine sweet roots growing out past the bottoms of your feet into sweet Earth.

Past the surface of Her, loose gravel, big boulders, down into the cool, rich Earth.

Your roots spread wide, wild and free past crystal caves below, drinking up secret rivers below, down to the center of Her core.

A soft glow of light is there.

You wrap your roots around this glow- it feels refreshing, energizing.

This energy travels back up to your roots, through your feet, up your legs, to your belly, at your heart, up your spine, down your arms, past your voice, to the crown of your head.

Branches begin to grow out of the top of your head. Are they bare? Do they have leaves? If so- what color are the leaves?

Enjoy this sensation of feeling tall and deeply rooted at the same time. Your body grounds in both directions.

I D E N T I F Y.

You can begin to write down how you feel.

You can choose a song and dance out how you feel.

You can gently bring fingertips to tap your heart for a few minutes then pause with both hands on your heart, until a word or words come out of your body of how you feel.

Another practice I enjoy is bringing my hands over certain parts of my body for a few moments and saying aloud how they feel.

Ex: Hands touching and feeling my feet, massaging my feet, until I really feel present with my feet. A word will come out after a moment of feeling them. This may sound strange but give it a try- you can do this for any and all parts of your body.

C O N N E C T.

Ohhhh connection. How easy is it to go through time with your beautiful body and be disconnected from it. I usually try to do this mini meditation while driving in my car, first waking up, or when I feel a little exhausted.

Put your hands on your heart. Take 3 deep sighing breaths. Say aloud or in your heart:
My name is (state full name). I am in (state exact location- my room, my car, etc.) I am in (state city and state). The time is (state time).
Repeat this 3 times.

Enjoy your fullmoon meditations hotties! Feel free to do these all at once (the best result if u just commit) or throughout the 3-day energy of this full moon in Virgo.

Be sure to subscribe to emails to easily receive monthly #FULLMoon exercises in your virtual mailbox : )

Love u love u love u



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