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Full moon in Scorpio- embrace the blossoming.

Home swimming pool

Happy #fullmoon lil Earth angels!

This month's Scorpio full moon falls on Monday 5/26 and is a super moon. We will be able to see the moon bigger and brighter in the night sky. I hope you take time to go and enjoy Her : )

Around this same time last year we were all in lockdown. This transition to spring (especially in Scorpio) usually invokes a movement within us. This movement is like a river mouth exiting into the vastness of the ocean.

Imagine you have a river of energy moving through you from tip toe to top of head. Is it moving slow? Quick? Does it feel full of emotions? Does it feel dry- tapped out?

For April's #fullmoon I want to guide you into ur heart direction. The energy of the full moon will be very present 3 days prior and 3 days after the 26th. I invite you to commit to this meditation below. It is so easy to brush aside our own need to heal our own hearts for other distracting things.

All you need to begin is a journal or paper, a pen and ur heART <3

S T R E T C H.

A little intuitive movement to get urself out of ur own damn thoughts : )

Find a space you can expand or ground into, preferably a quiet space (outside works too).

Sit or stand with your spine tall. Begin to (gently) sway or roll your head side to side.

Start to breath with the body motions, u can even close your eyes.

Let your shoulders follow ur movement.

Let your spine begin to follow the bigger sway/roll/curve shapes.

Invite your arms to reach out and stretch with this movement too, noticing all the space you can expand and take up in front of you, to your sides, above you and behind you.

If this freestyle movement feels good, let it extend to your legs and toes and be with it. Let your body move as long as it needs. You have all the time you need.

When it feels right, bring your hands to ur heart and say thank you.

O P E N.

The next step is really easy- open your door and go outside. In the Japanese culture the word shinrin-yoku (森林浴) means to forest bathe. Do you remember a time you came back from being outdoors all day and how you felt? We need more of that energy!

Take a walk to your mailbox, heck- even open your front door, take one step out and soak it all up. This should not be too hard (u probably need it, b).

If u want to take it a step further (ha) u can take a real walk outside to notice all the flowers blossoming, the nature sounds, the fresh air, etc.

*highly recommend- 10/10 a good idea*

To really embrace this prompt- go barefoot. I am tellin' u, barefoot walks feel amazing! The point is- get outside. Allow ur nervous system to unwind and your eyes to adjust to the natural sunlight.

J O U R N A L.

The last step I have to offer is to journal. Make a yummy drink to go with this step to really enjoy this sacred time with your heart. Or cozy up in bed and allow ur body to feel safe.

What within you is blossoming?
Where are you holding back your own ability to blossom? Image the 'hold back' to be a bowl of marbles. Describe what they look like.
What do you wish to let fall to the ground? If ur ready imagine flipping over the bowl- release the marbles.