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Blood Supermoon in Sagittarius- desire and change.

Happy Superblood #fullmoon Total Lunar Eclipse!

This month's Sagittarius full moon falls on Wednesday 5/26. What is a Superblood moon exactly? It happens only during a total lunar eclipse. The Earth comes in between the sun and the moon. The sun gives off long wavelengths of color to the moon- hence the red color.

For this month's #fullmoon exercise, we are going to create a 'death map'. All you need is a pen and paper, some water and anything that makes you get comfortable.

S U R R E N D E R.

Before we begin our 'death map' you will start with being present here, in your body.

I call this the ocean meditation.

Sit up with your back supported against a pillow or chair or even lay down (bonus points for putting pillows under your knees- trust me it feels so good).

Begin to tell your muscles it is time to relax, starting with your toes and moving through your calfs, thighs, quads, hips, lower back etc. until you get to ur tiny sweet face muscles. Take your time. Even the back of your beautiful eyeballs can soften and release any tension.

Next begin to imagine a blue color. It can be light blue or turquoise colored- just make it light and clear.

Visualize this water surrounding you- how does it feel on your skin? Is it soft? Cool? Your body should start to feel weightless.

This is the ocean of cleansing. It lightly rinses all the dead weight from your body and heart. Let it wash over and through you.

Take all the time you need for URself. Stay here for as long as feels good.

D E A T H M A P.

For this exercise grab a pen and paper. But wait- don't you feel good and weightless and open now? I like to do the ocean meditation while dozing off to sleep : ) If you did fall asleep during the meditation- cheers! That is just what ur body needed.

Start off with ur paper horizontal, and make a small cross or 'x' on the left side.
What are you letting die? What is that part of u or ur life that no longer serves a purpose? Write it down below the mark on ur paper. Continue with this exercise, connecting each mark with a line or squiggle. Work thru, taking ur time, until u reach the right side of ur paper. Take up all space on the paper.
Now that you have addressed ur 'deaths' u will make note of ur desires.
Start to list ur desires on the connecting lines. It can be small, daily desires like flossing every day or big, huge desires like traveling to Mexico.
Once u have completed ur 'death map' keep it at ur bedside or somewhere that u will see every day for a month, until the next full moon.

Enjoy ur #fullmoon meditation lil angels! Feel free to do these prompts all at once (the best result if u just commit) or throughout the 3-day energy of this full moon in Sagittarius. You can do them in any order, add more, add less, u do u <3

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Stay grounded into urself- u r so so worthy.



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