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Full moon in Libra- noticing your richness.

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Happy #fullmoon babes!

This full moon happens to fall on Palm Sunday and no matter your beliefs there is a special charge within tonight's full moon- an extra amount of love and prayer going into this evening.

I wish for you to tap into this idea of hope. There is a sweet silver lining on the horizon *especially* with all the hard work you have personally pound your feet in to this past year. Soon all of y'all are going to be tall roses and peonies and soft lilies and daffodils rising up to the sun. Cute : )

This March marks a full year of the pandemic/lockdown and I must send some love beams out to each and everyone one of you. This past year was an eye opener and has allowed us to re-evaluate our mindsets, our hearts and our Earth.

For March #fullmoon in Libra, I personally want to guide you into taking note of all you have accomplished. It is vital, important and energizing to see how far you have come. It is worth it. You are worthy.

As always, this moon guidance below was written in an order, but only YOU will know what is right in this moment for YOUR body. Know you can go out of the written order and do it in your very own way<3

Grab 2 pieces of paper and let's begin!

A L I G N.

Close your eyes. Take 3 deep, full, rich breaths with an exhale sigh through your mouth. Roll out your shoulders, neck, maybe wrists. Feel your shoulders relax heavily. Notice the lightness of your lungs as they float safely in your body.

Wiggle your toes.

This is your body. It holds a lot of beauty.


On your first piece of paper, draw a heart or circle to take up almost all of the page. Write 'I AM A GODDESS' in the center, a little bigger than normal.

This is not about reflecting.

This is about writing with the heart.

Start flash-writing all the words down that you associate with being a goddess. If another 'I AM' phrase speaks to you, write that down in the center of your paper instead.

Write on the outside of your heart/ circle words that are not associated with being a goddess. Those words will remind you how it feels to be out of alignment.

N O U R I S H.

Grab your next sheet of paper. Take another 3 deep breaths to reset.

Fold your paper in half (girl- it don't matter which way you fold it).

Tap back into your heart writing, rather that you brain writing.

On half of the paper write down all the things you currently do in your life that nourish your heart, body and mind.

It can be things you have even done once that nourished you.

Feels good, huh?

P O W E R.

Move to the blank half of the same paper. Take 3 deep breaths to reset.

Now that you have associated what makes you a Goddess (ayyye!) and what nourishes you, I want you to write down at the top of the paper:

'My Super Powers'

Okay, I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but you have super powers.

AND you have the ability to freakin share em!

There are subtle powers we hold that exist in our day to day life.

They range from baking really good cookies, to loving, to listening to nature and the list goes on!

I want you to see this in yourself.

It helps to get out of your head- turn a song on you love and dance or do some breathing and then let your heart show you your super powers.

C O N N E C T.

YAY! Now that you have your #nourishments and your #superpowers written out, think about how you can share them. This is important. If you keep all this goodness to yourself there is no point to it. These practices and #magik within you need to be cast out to the world, so that someone else can weave their net with yours and soon we are all weaving a huge, beautiful, light-filled love let around the whole world together. Damn. That sounds great doesn't it?

There you have it! The ultimate full moon alignment. Read the work you have done for yourself this past year- you are so magikal and strong. Keep these papers as a reminder.


Enjoy your fullmoon meditations beauties! Feel free to do these prompts all at once (the best result if u just commit) or throughout the 3-day energy of this full moon in Libra.

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Love u love u love u lots ya beautiful light-filled humans!



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