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Full moon in Leo- lightin up ur body.

Home swimming pool

Usually within these #fullmoon entries I lead you gently into a pink, fuzzy, head-in-the-clouds mindset, but as I sat down to write this, a complete opposite energy came through.

And so this time I offer you some wise words from either the Earth below, soul within or heaven above.

Action these words as you please. Be honest with yourself<3

Your belly is the soul of the fire.

Do you feel it?

That burning flame to go- go- go- ?

Get things done! Create!


Execute! Shine!

E X P A N D !

Or is it you feel your flame is dimly lit?

Do your bones feel chilly?

Do you feel a draft?

How can you begin to warm yourself up. So often we *want* things for ourselves.

And this is great. This is amazing! To know what we want, to understand that it is powerful *to want*.

But sitting in stillness, watching your fire dim, seeing the glowing embers.. that is not warmth.

That is joy leaking out.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take another deep breath. Smile. Eyes are closed. Take one more deep belly breath in, bring oxygen to the warm glow in your stomach, hold the air there. Smile. Hold. Smile. A lil' more sip of air in... And RELEASE.

Woo! Doesn't that feel good?! Did you feel that warmth (if u said nah try the breathing exercise again).

That swirling energy living beneath your lungs?


Breathing is voluntary. And my loves, your actions of joy and actions to fuel that joyful fire are voluntary.

Can't you see that you *get* to add fresh wood, fresh creativity, fresh movement to that fire???

You are the fire queen.

How will you warm yourself this full moon?

Piles of blankets for a deep night's sleep, to recharge yourself for a new, focused day?

A loooonnnggg hot, slow bath with fire-lit candles, telling your own body 'thank you'?

Or dance? Creating shapes in the air out of pure joy, out of pure movement- sparking that joy?

My point is, sweet ones, that





You are the fire queen.

The fire tender.

Has complaining about a dying fire helped anyone before?

Do the work. Tend to your inner flame- only you know what it needs babe.

You've got this. One month of 2021 down and your ass looks great.


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Lots of love~



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