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Refresh Your Heart: Goddess Rising Journal Template

Guidance on how to connect and refresh your heart.

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Today is our 3rd birthday! This past year has been a trip... we sold on Macy', went to NY to pitch the brand, we're starting another business that supports Goddess Rising, and I got married! Life really does ebb and flow. There is still so much work to do with Goddess Rising, areas to grow in, and goals to be made. Even with all the work ahead to make this brand flourish and bloom to its full capacity, I decided to take pause this weekend to make and share a printable journal template for you. Journaling is a really great practice to find reflection and honestly just to pause with the world to see what's up inside your own heart. I hope you enjoy doing this activity to refresh your heart. You can download the pdf below and write on it directly on your computer/ipad or print it and add the pages into your own journal. Enjoy <3 Here's to the leap and the commitment!

Goddess Rising Journal_1
Download PDF • 145KB

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