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Earth Week 2023!

Every day is Earth Day with these lil actions for Nature <3

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.

Image above from Pinterest, artist unknown.

I can remember in high school when Earth Day had such a big impact on me- I was younger and the causes felt so much stronger back then because my world was so much smaller. If you can relate, then you probably still hold the Earth dear to your heart, even with your life growing and expanding. The Earth nourishes us, provides for us and has so much beauty and wonder. There's so many parts of her still undiscovered! In honor of Earth Week, and Earth Day (Sat April 22nd) I invite you to take these easy switches into your daily life to make a better impact for the one home we all reside on. But first, a meditation :)

R O O T:

Easily one of my favorite meditations that I continue to come back to time and time again. Sit comfortably on a blanket or pillow or your bed, and either slightly engage the core. This action supports the spine to sit nice and tall. You can also place something behind your back for the extra support. Close you eyes, and take 3 deep, slow, full breaths. Every exhale releases the muscles in the face, toes and limbs. Begin to imagine roots coming out of your tailbone and piercing down into the Earth. Feel them break through big boulders beneath the Earth's surface, down past crystal caves and clear, flowing underground rivers. Feel them pressing down, down, down into the earth until you reach the core. You see a white ball of light, and begin to wrap your roots around Earth's core. Every inhale breathes in the light into your roots, up until it reaches your tailbone. This light reaches up into your legs, across your belly, into your chest, down your arms, up the spine into your throat, and finally to fill your head. Enjoy this glowing feeling. Stay here for as long as you desire.


If you're reading this post you're more likely than not a huge admirer of nature! This is a super easy trick I've been doing since high school. If you're a beach girl, this one is easy- pick up 5 pieces of trash when you're leaving the beach. If you reside in the city, pick up a single piece of trash anytime you're outside. This should be really accessible, especially if you live in Philly (iykyk). If you're ever on a hike, pick up trash. If you're walking the neighborhood, pick up a piece of trash. It's inspiring for others to see another caring about the Earth. This little trick will easily become a heart-centered habit.


Okay, so we allll know that composting is good- so why don't we do it? I'll admit, it took me a year to finally commit. Why? I was lazy. I said it. When you compost you are saving all those precious food scraps to be turned into soil gold, instead of methane green house gas. Soil gold is way better for you and for the Earth. So just admit, yes, you've been lazy. But you can be instead a proactive, helpful, considerate earth-fairy by googling your local (free) composting site as well as saving money on trash bags. It's a win-win. If you're in Philly, there's subscription-based pick-up composting services like Bennett and Circle Compost. For a free drop-off composting site, try Northern Libs at the Liberty Lands park. Yay!

Say Nah:

It's SO EASY to purchase and use single-use plastics. Did you know that most single-use plastics with the number 1 on the bottom are actually most-likely to leak chemicals into your food and aren't really recyclable? And guess what.. the plastics with the number 1 on them are used for to-go salads, condiments, water bottles, the list goes on! Next time you are reaching for a single-use plastic, just think twice. Do I REALLY need this, can I instead buy bulk, can I make this at home, is there a better option? Just say nah to using plastics more often in your life, and put a tiny bit more effort into the Earth-centered YES. If you need more inspiration on this, read our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle post where we give you healthier everyday options that we ourselves have tested and approved!

So what can you do today to make your life healthier for You, for those around you? For Your Earth? It's easy to get sucked into the "well the lazy way is easier" or "he doesn't do it, why should I?". It all starts with a single drop that creates a ripple effect! We need more influencers and inspirers for our one single planet we call Home <3

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You are an Earth Queen, keep being proactive.



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