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March GiveBack proceeds- KOOYRIGS

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Happy April bb's ♥️

Every month Goddess Rising Intimates returns proceeds back to the community. March's GiveBack is KOOYRIGS, an amazing organization supporting Armenian people- specifically providing aid to those displaced by the now-ended war in Artsakh.

KOOYRIGS is a centuries-old Armenian word for “sister,” used to describe relatives and friends. This group has been giving support to the front-lines during the war, as well as following up with many projects for the Armenian people. One project, named Looys or "light," delivers emergency aid to the people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabak). Another current project is Mayreeg meaning "mother," which dedicates its efforts to support pregnant women displaced in Artsakh (due to the war).

This grassroots-led group has done so much for the people of Armenia, and continues to work through many heart-led projects. I invite you to take a look at their website for more information on their mission or their instagram.

This March, we focused our proceeds on KOOYRIGS' newest project, Mayreeg.

Project Mayreeg is "...providing direct aid to displaced pregnant people of Artsakh by connecting expecting families to doctors, providing transportation and companionship to appointments, sponsoring antenatal classes, providing supplements and medication, & more."

The proceeds of March will be supporting new and soon-to-be momma's with sources and resources to nurture their babes and themselves. It is so important to have support during the tender times leading up to, and even after having a baby. Especially for mothers post-war.

"Mayreeg will provide various forms of support through pregnancy up to one-month post-childbirth. Through the initiative, Kooyrigs will provide care packages, valued at $60, containing a month’s worth of baby care, as well as free antenatal and yoga classes for pregnant mothers, expanding their local community. Given the isolating nature of displacement, Kooyrigs will support the women in finding a doctor, registering with a hospital, coordinating their birth plans, and also provide companionship to their doctor appointments so mothers do not have to attend alone."

If KOOYRIGS' mission speaks to you- act on it.

Get involved, learn and share with your friends and family about how they are supporting people that have just lost their homeland.

Thank you for your collaborative help in March's love cycle.

A full heart has the ability to give AND receive- that's where you come in.

Your purchase during this month goes into Our business and we give back to the community <3

Truly, thank you.

Goddess Rising looks forward to each #giveback every month.

If you are passionate about a charity, group, Earth, or its people comment below to share inspiration and bring awareness to others.

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~Bless ur heart n body babe~



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