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December GiveBack proceeds- IMMIGRANT LIBERATION FUND

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We made it through the year! In celebration of the last month of the year, our December proceeds were donated to IC4IJ (Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice).

Goddess Rising has roots in Southern California- where the Inland Empire (IE) resides. We want to return the love back to our immigrant neighbors (+ a shout out to the IE tamale street-vendors😊).

We believe that a full heart can give AND receive- that's where you come in.

Thank you for your purchase during December 2020, you helped collaborate in a love cycle. Your money --> our business --> money back into the community. Yay!

Check out the IC4IJ website here to donate or volunteer : ) They are doing some really amazing things for their community in the IE and amazing things against ICE/the detention centers in SoCal. Read on to learn more about this amazing non-profit.

"The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice is dedicated to convening organizations to collectively advocate and work to improve the lives of immigrant communities while working toward a just solution to the immigration system.​"

Together, our proceeds will help provide love back to our community.

"The IC4IJ currently focuses on advocacy, changing the narrative, and capacity building. Our coalition engages in policy advocacy, community organizing and education, and rapid response to ICE and border patrol operations. We are collectively changing the narrative of the one million immigrants who live, thrive, and are a foundational part of the fabric of the IE. We are building organizational capacity through leadership development, cooperation, support networks, and shared regional strategies. Lastly, the IC4IJ provides resources such as training, technical support, and grants to coalition partners to further support their efforts and mission in the region."

Cheers to your support- every purchase here counts.

Goddess Rising looks forward to each #giveback every month.

If you are passionate about a charity, group, Earth, or its people comment below to share inspiration.

Be sure to subscribe to emails to easily receive monthly #LoveThoughts in your virtual mailbox <3

Happy New Year!

lotsa hugs x


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