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A gentle meditation for the Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Home swimming pool

Welcome to my first FullMoon post. I created this section of the blog for you to connect to nature.

I see nature.

I feel nature.

I hear nature.

I taste nature.

I AM nature.

I AM nature.

I AM nature.

And so it is <3

Emotions Expa n s i o n

Full moons are all about abundance. In this lunar cycle, the moon is at its fullest. Your emotions may feel full and abundant right now- more heightened, more *there*. Feeling extra tired? Rest. Feeling extra sensitive? Cry. Feeling super energetic? Dance, run, move. Feeling sluggish? Slow down, listen to it. Listen to what your body is speaking to you. It knows best ;)

“Our Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is about release. Allow those traumas or hurt you may be holding onto to wash away. Feel, cleanse, clear, cancel. We are making space for beauty and love-foundations. This full moon lunar eclipse is allowing you to decide what you want to carry into the new year of 2021.”

Due to the eclipse falling on this Gemini Full Moon, you may be feeling the energy 3x fuller than on a normal full moon. I wrote a gentle and easy journal prompt, meditation and ceremony. You may want to do all three. You may want to come back to revisit this meditation within 3 days from today (when the moon's energy is still close to our Earth). Both are ok. Listen to how your body wants to move forward. Rest might be best <3

Meditation <3

Sit or lay comfortably. Close your eyes or gaze softly towards your cute nose.

Breathe slowly, through the nose.

Deep breath into your belly. Feel your lungs expand, your back ribcage open.


Exhale slowly, from the mouth.

Compress the belly towards the spine. Ribcage gently hugs your lungs, and shoulders relax.

Repeat multiple times until your cheek muscles and jaw are soft.

Keep with this until you feel your heart say 'ok, I am at peace'.

Below are some #journalprompts. Read and answer the below (you can answer with words, sentences, or doodles- there is no wrong or right way <3)


♡ Close your eyes, imagine yourself as a cactus. Imagine pulling each prick out. What do they represent?

*note: these can be emotions, hurts, pains, pasts, etc..

♡ Close your eyes, imagine yourself as a cactus, pricks removed (or some). How do you begin to grow? Tall? With flowers? If so, what color are the flowers? Do you expand into the sky? What color is the sky? How is the weather? How does it feel on your smooth cactus skin?

*note: you can answer as many questions as you would like. essentially I want you to be as visual and connected to your natural-cactus self as possible. how does it feel?

♡ Close your eyes, imagine yourself as this cactus. It begins to rain. What does this rain wash over you?

*note: this can be a single positive word that comes to you, or you can write down a whole page of feelings. again, there is no wrong or right way bb's :)


Water Ceremony

Get a cup of water (a jar, a water bottle, a jug- whatever works). Put it where the moon can touch it at night. Outside will even do. That word that came to you in the last meditation journal prompt, speak it to the water.

In the morning, listen to your body. How does it want to take in the charged moon water? In my past I have drank it, I have bathed in it, I have watered my plants with it, I have returned it into the Earth, I have kept it by my bedside. Again, this is about you listening to your heart.

So- ask your heart.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse sexy kittens.

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love u!




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