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Easy switches to make a greener life.

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.

Have you seen us on the IG recently? We've been doing pop-ups around the city of Philadelphia at sustainable, refillable stores. Ray's Reusables and Mainline Shift are two stores we were hosted at for a pop-up, and we took some notes to share with you!

If you've been yearning to be more sustainable but don't know where to start, we picked our easiest and favorite switches below.

Hair Care:

Above: Dip shampoo and conditioner bars.

Okay... those thick, plastic bottles are no bueno and so easy to replace. Surfers swear by this brand. Think about it; a tangled mess of hair in salty water, easily nourished and detangled by eco-packaged bars. They know what's up AND they last a long time! You might just love them. Shop them here.

Body Care:

For my ladies that love a fresh shave, I'm here to be totally honest with you. Those single-use razors really hurt the earth and the cartridges are not much better. Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a single box of blades? Yes. This will actually save you money because it has a lifetime guarantee. Shop The Leaf razor here.

Right: The Leaf refillable metal razor.

Kitchen Care:

Unless you're using all-natural sponges for your kitchen, then you're most likely using synthetic-based sponges or brushes. That means micro-plastics released into the waterways. Make the switch with this natural, eco-brush. An easy kitchen switch! Shop them here.

Left: Bamboo and natural fiber scrub.

Clothing Care:

Those ridiculously thick liquid laundry detergents aren't sexy! They also aren't recyclable... Instead opt for clean, easy detergent powder. No weird blue dye, no 'water' as the first ingredient, and no cancer chemicals. Your clothes AND skin (the largest organ of your body) deserve better. Trust us. Get it delivered to you by clicking here.

Right: Clean laundry detergent from Ray's Reusables.

Boobie Care:

You didn't think we'd leave out care for your boobies, vagina and lymph nodes, did you? These intimates let your vagina be more balanced internally, allow your boobies to naturally support themselves, and let your lymph nodes naturally detox (no pressure on them from underwire)! A cute and easy win-win. Shop here.

Left: Goddess Rising Intimates un-dyed bra and panty set.

Hygiene Care:

We love Live Like You Green It's plastic-free packaging. This skincare is made local by hand AND Nordstrom even picked this brand up into their shop (it's that good)! Trust me, I know, I have gone through so many different kinds of deodorants, but this one still smells good after 3 months and doesn't have any scary aluminum releasing into your body. There's unscented and different scented options. Shop her here.

Right: LiveLikeYouGreenIt all-natural deodorant.

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