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April / May GiveBack proceeds- YOUNG CENTER for Immigrant Children's Rights

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It's half way through the year!

Happy June lil bees.

Every month Goddess Rising Intimates returns proceeds back to the community. April + May's joint GiveBack is YOUNG CENTER for Immigrant Children's Rights. This sweet organization protects and advances the rights of unaccompanied and separated children facing deportation in the US.

The YOUNG CENTER received their name from their very first youth immigrant they helped- Young Zheng Sullivan. His story is incredible and we suggest checking out his story here on their website.

In past months we have completed GiveBacks to support mental awareness' like IWAY and Black Girls Smile. May is Mental Awareness month, and we saw a different perspective for this GiveBack. YOUNG CENTER works to lawfully support immigrant children and we see that such support is an ease for their mental wellbeing.

"The Young Center was founded in Chicago in 2004. The charge was to develop a program to advocate for the best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children—even though US immigration law does not recognize children as distinct from adults."

The proceeds of April and March will be supporting immigrant children in court, and making sure they are treated as a child in our system and not an adult. In extreme cases, some children flee due to violence or abuse in their home country, often forced to on their own. In addition to giving children support in court, YOUNG CENTER has also created a program for advocacy.

"Guided by the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Young Center has developed the only program in the nation that provides independent Child Advocates, whose job it is to advocate for the child’s best interests—safety and well-being. The Child Advocates meet with the children and learn each child’s story, why the child came to the U.S., and what, if anything, the child has to return to in home country. With this information, volunteer Child Advocates work alongside Young Center attorneys and social workers to make recommendations that champion the child’s best interests."

If this organization speaks to you- get involved here. There are ways to help through volunteer, donations and even advocacy. Their headquarters are located in Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Harlingen, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. If you happen to be near you can physically lend a hand.

Thank you for your collaborative involvement in April and May's love cycle.

A full heart has the ability to give AND receive- that's where you come in.

Your purchase during this month goes into Our business and we give back to the community <3

Thank you angels!

Goddess Rising looks forward to each #giveback every month.

If you are passionate about a charity, group, Earth or its people comment below to share inspiration and bring awareness to others.

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~Keep shinin ur heart~



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