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Give yourself ~permission~ to soften into your home.

Home swimming pool

Hi sweet loves. How is your heart doing?

Soften your jaw.

Relax your shoulders.

Get cozy.

Read ahead for the easiest fullmoon recipe I have yet to give<3

I am a human with human feelings.

Read that again- I am a human with human feelings.

Your soft nature is ok. Your human-ness is ok. Your heart and body noticing your internal and external environment is ok. It's beautiful.

2020 has been quiet a year, there is no denying that. And I want to gift you some love to close our 2020 year softly.

“Our Cancer full moon is about the Divine Mother. The soft feminine within. This full moon is like a big enveloping hug- letting your body know it is safe and your heart know it is safe.”

During our full moons I usually invite a meditation and #journalprompt into your body/space, as a kind of reflection. Due to this year taking us to a different way of living (that we all probably never knew existed), I simply invite you to do the following:

Get Cozy.

Put your favorite socks on. Get suuuuper insanely comfortable in your favorite blanket, with your favorite person, or with your favorite meal. This really comes down to the basics. Your innate, human need to feel safe. You can honestly get as luxurious or as simple as you please. Jus' get that body of yours in a *satisfying, pleasant, warm, soft, cushy* feeling.

Extend that coziness.

Do you realize how strong, worthy and full of light you are for living through 2020?

You deserve to feel ~so good~ right now. Give yourself permission to get even MORE melty-feeling. Some ways that help to get to this body-melting-into-the-earth feel is:

-put your phone in a different room (this lets your mind unwind)

-hug yourself. I know this sounds silly, but with a minimum amount of social contact this year, it is important. Scientists have revealed that 3 hugs a day is the perfect amount (I ain't kidding).

-Roll out your joints. Wiggle your shoulders. Loosen up to soften down into the abyss of comfort.

-Awaken your sense. Taste something delish (where my burrito-lovers at?). Listen to your favorite song. Massage your temples. Get in touch with feeding/feeling/taking care of your human body.


Sending so much heart-light love to you right now. Please take some time for YOU to rest. It is so important to take care of your human self <3

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Cheers to you!




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