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Using locally-sourced food for dye.

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At Goddess Rising I put a lot of love and good people into making your products. A lot of low energy is put into the daily clothing we wear, and it needs to change. I have seen too much of the ugly side of fashion, and strive to create something at the other end of the spectrum- less harm and waste.

It's a lot. Our consumerism affects our planet and our people. We need to begin to open our eyes to better ways to create within fashion. Below are a few (sad but very real) ways fashion disrupts our planet and Her people <3

  • Chemical dyes, dumped and poured into clean rivers, intoxicating them.

  • Piles of clothes made of synthetic fabrics 'trashed' to break down into micro-plastics.

  • Lower pay to factory workers overseas (due to cutting down price on shirts, etc), resulting in an unsafe life with extreme hours of work.

  • Costs cut in overseas factories on safety precautions for employees and buildings, resulting (in worse cases) whole buildings to collapse on people.

  • 'Fast Fashion' created for 1-3 month trends, made to be thrown out after a few wears.

  • Cotton farmer villages unintentionally exposing their children and families to the pesticides sprayed on the Earth- resulting in deformities in their future children and even early death.


But there are healthier ways!

With this knowledge, I look for other (non-toxic) ways to make dyes for your sweet intimates. Organic cotton is a natural fiber- meaning it grows from the earth, without pesticides. Our unbleached cotton can absorb and keep the color of veggies and fruit dyes. Cute!

I am so blessed and excited to share with you the Prism Pink color way- made of 'un-sellable' avocados. Un-sellable means produce that can not be sold due to aesthetic, rotten, or late fruit that misses sales opportunity.

I drove down to Rancho Shiraz Organic Farm in Fallbrook, CA for these un-sellable #organic avocados (which are usually given to the chickens as snacks and feed). This time around, they were used as pretty dye color! If you are near Fallbrook, CA, check out #ranchoshirazorganicfarm :)

From these discarded avocados, I created the Pink Prisms dye color. Pink Prisms is hand made and used as small batch dye. The result is pretty shades of light pink with natural colorations, truly embracing nature's affects.

I hope you can enjoy the many shades to this beautiful color, and enjoy the natural fades and unevenness as you love and create in it.

Lots of love <3

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