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Summer thru Sept GiveBack proceeds- WELLSNESS WORLDWIDE

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It's September! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by.

Every month Goddess Rising Intimates returns proceeds back to the community. We combined the summer months as well as September for one non-profit named WELLSNESS WORLDWIDE.

Wellness Worldwide is a non profit focusing on supporting wellness like medicine, doctors, education and emergency food to the people of Afghanistan. They have an on-site team that is native to the country and within the country. This is what makes WW so special- the connection.

In most recent events, WW has turned their energy to the refugees and displaced families with the Conflict Emergency Food Aid in Afghanistan. Their other ongoing project, the Corona Virus Emergency Food Aid, provides food kits to families affected by COVID. Their website has greater detail of all their ongoing projects as well as their instagram.

We are thrilled to be able to donate to a group that is doing so much in-person support.

As a purely volunteer-based organization, Wellness Worldwide prides itself on $0 in overhead costs, ensuring that 100% of donations reach those who need them most. Powered by humanist ideals, we believe every man, woman and child deserves a chance to live -- irrespective of gender, religion, political beliefs, ethnicity or race."

100% of these donations will go to those who are in desperate need. The Conflict Emergency Food Aid will provide the following:

Our first Food Aid distribution launched in the Sarai Shamali area of Kabul on Tuesday, 24th August. With your support, we’ve started feeding 1,000 people with lunch and dinner meals consisting of rice, meat, vegetables, bread and apples, twice a day, every day..

The Coronavirus Emergency Food Aid has provided support for those in need.

Kabul Camp is refugee camp located in Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan. It is home to 5,000 families with an approximate population of 35,000. The population includes refugees who are internally displaced from war as well as those who have been forcibly returned from Pakistan. There is currently no Afghan government or UN assistance for the health care of these refugees.

We applaud all the work WW's team is doing to spread love and health. If their mission speaks to you- act on it.

Get involved, learn and share with your friends and family about how they are supporting people that have recent war in their home.

Thank you for your collaborative help in Summer - September's love cycle.

A full heart has the ability to give AND receive- that's where you come in.

Your purchase during these months goes into Our business and We give back to the community <3

Thank you beauties!

Goddess Rising looks forward to each #giveback every month.

If you are passionate about a charity, group, Earth, or its people comment below to share inspiration and bring awareness to others.

Subscribe to emails to easily receive monthly #LoveThoughts in your virtual mailbox <3

love is a space without fear.



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