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November bbs! I am so excited to wrap up this year with family and good food.

Every month Goddess Rising Intimates returns proceeds back to the community. In lieu of 'spooky month' (and our love of bats) we chose


Bat Conservation International is an international nonprofit that uses technology and science to measure the way they are positively impacting the lives of bats. They are dedicated to end extinctions and result-focused, meaning that their work is really making a difference.

So you're probably thinking- ok, why bats? Bats are our nighttime pollinators! Without them we wouldn't have bananas, mangos, agave (hi my margarita queens) or the control of our very annoying mosquitos. This is just a sliver of the things bats contribute to within our ecosystem. As you can tell, we love bats. Please inform yourself and read more on their website or their sweet bat-centered instagram.

At Goddess Rising, even the small, freaky flying mammals have a place in our heart.

"Founded in 1982, Bat Conservation International has grown into a globally recognized conservation organization dedicated to ending bat extinctions. Working together, our goal is to redefine what is possible in global conservation, through the utilization of cutting-edge tools, technology, and training to create a real, measurable impact."

On their site, they speak to how bats lead us to the best opportunities to protect nature anywhere in the world.

"Bats are vital to our world’s ecosystems and economy, but hundreds of species are under threat. As a science-based and results-focused organization, we have developed a roadmap outlining some of the highest impact conservation efforts happening anywhere in the world."

These lil creatures have a lot of mis-understanding from the common folk and the unawareness of not knowing how important these animals are keeps them in the dark (heh). I hope you are able to inform yourself more about these sweet animals. If you feel called, act on that tug-of-the-heart and make an impact for the bats <3

Thank you for your collaborative help in October's love cycle!

A full heart has the ability to give AND receive- that's where you come in.

Your purchase during this past month goes into Our business and We give back to the community <3

Thank you angels!

Goddess Rising looks forward to each #giveback every month.

If you are passionate about a charity, group, Earth, or its people comment below to share inspiration and bring awareness to others.

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don't hold back pieces of you.



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