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Divine Doorway: Embrace Your Emotions, Listen to Your Body

Your Weekly Tips towards Feminine Magic.

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.

Hey beauties,

Have you ever hit that point where it all feels like too much? I'm talking PMS symptoms, a pile of wet laundry waiting to be hung, and a kitchen that needs cleaning kind of "too much." Well, guess what? 

I hit that point this week.

In the midst of wanting to throw a plate across the room, something amazing happened. I tuned into my feelings. I really felt my feelings. I acknowledged the discomfort in my body, the irritability without a clear cause, and the deep desire for a break. So, what did I do? I listened. I took off my dish gloves, stepped to the side and began to listen more to what my body wanted next. I took a slow, long stretch, closed my eyes, and suddenly, I found myself in a mini-meditation. By simply honoring what I truly needed in that moment, I transformed frustration into relaxation and reclaimed a sense of calm.✨

Tip of the Week: Embrace Your Emotions, Listen to Your Body

This week, let's dive into the beautiful art of feeling your feelings and tuning in to what your body is telling you. Life can get hectic, and sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves. Here's a simple practice to reconnect:

Your Action Steps:
  1. Pause & Breathe: In moments of overwhelm, take a deep breath. Pause and acknowledge what you're feeling—whether it's frustration, stress, or pure joy.

  2. Body Scan: Close your eyes and do a quick scan from head to toe. Notice any tension, discomfort, or ease. Your body holds valuable information.

  3. Name Your Emotions: Give a name to what you're feeling. Is it excitement, sadness, or something in between? Naming emotions helps us understand and process them.

  4. Listen Actively: Once you've identified your emotions, ask yourself, "What does my body need right now?" It might be a stretch, a quiet moment, or a deep breath.

  5. Respond with Kindness: Honor what your body is telling you. If you need a break, take it. If you crave movement, dance. Respond with kindness and prioritize your well-being.

Next Step: Practice

When you feel a big feeling, practice these steps above.

It may be that you remember only one step above, but that’s why it’s called a practice. We’re meant to continue to work with the tools we have until one day, it just clicks and suddenly the tool becomes an extension of yourself.

Kind of like how I did the other day ;)

Remember babe, your commitment to evolving yourself in real life situations, experiences and relationships is the only way we can continue to love bigger and stronger.

So how about it? Are you up for this self-love commitment? Just drop an emoji in the Comments section below to let us know you're ready to expand your heart. The commitment to this simple act will set the tone for your week filled with feminine energy and self-love, not to mention a loving practice of discipline.

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Happy last week of January!




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