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November Update!

I definitely skipped October...

woman sitting with plants around her, wearing bra and panty set holding vase of flowers over her head.
@lex.milli wearing a custom Goddess Rising robe

I can't believe I skipped October.. what a month. Wait- okay I have so much to catch you up on! It's now November! September was a whirlwind. Let's start with Phillly Fashion Week.

So before we jump into Philly Fashion Week, we moved! We now live in a sweet townhouse, which is so cute and literally just skinny and tall.. we even have a basement AND a studio/office space. Gone are the days of living in a loft, sewing in the living room/kitchen. Moving was not easy for me, though. Learning how to use public transport, figuring out the neighborhood, new work schedules and living IN the city is a lot to take in. It kind of felt like living in a new world, but still being me. A lot of navigating, growing, learning.

Okay, so moving. That happened the *same week* Goddess Rising was presented at Philadelphia Fashion Week (PFW). Through the Philly Fashion Incubator Program, I was able to be a part of PFW. My intern and I headed to Fabscrap, one of the only companies of their kind making a difference in upcycling and recycling fabric. Fabscrap is a transparent recycling and reuse service, providing affordable resources while educating the community on the end-use of fabrics and clothing. You can check them out here. At a trip to Fabscrap we searched their donated fabric library they receive from other design companies. After securing the fabric for the PFW outfit, I bought all the flowers at T.Joe's to sew onto the garment I was making. I worked 3 days straight on making a goddess-y robe, which included 6 bouquets of fresh flowers sewn into the design. Goddess Rising energy 100% (also moving week energy).

Goddess Rising presented on Friday and Saturday of PFW. It was COLD on Friday (49 degrees) but my model managed to look flawless in a Goddess Rising bra and panty set, along with a fresh-flower robe. Backstage was buzzing with tons of models, racks of designer's collections, photographers, makeup and hair artists... the kind of creative chaos that I live for. Once I glammed up my model, we were able to walk around the event and network, showcase my designs to photographers, editors and fashion-enthusiasts. Saturday was closing day of Philly Fashion Week (and also much warmer), so the energy was high! At the outdoor event, people showed UP in East Coast fashion, which was so fun to be a part of. One day Goddess Rising will have her own runway show, but for now, this was a really great taste of what's to come. I am so so blessed to have presented Goddess Rising at Philly Fashion Week, it's a dream of mine that I am really proud of. Click here for the Philly Fashion Week Lookbook <3

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