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An introduction to our home-brewed coffee dye: House Blend

Home swimming pool

Coffee. Mhm.. coffee.

Sitting down and just writing the word made me brew a cup <3

Cultures are built around it. People prepare it differently in all parts of the world.

It can be enjoyed right when you wake up or at moonlight with a slice of cake.

Coffee is a transmuter.

It has the ability to turn a groggy morning into an intentional one.

It has the ability to bring friends and family into a warm atmosphere.

It has the ability to dye fabric into a beautiful color.

How cute is coffee?! It has such magikal powers.

Coffee Panties

My journey with these magikal beans began with my Nana. In 1992, she attended my parent's wedding in her own hand-made silk dress. The dress had buttons along the back, but the ones she owned weren't an exact match to her chocolate-colored dress (brown was in). My Nana made a fresh brew of coffee and tea. Delicate cuttings of silk were hand dyed in her brew and then sewn to cover each individual button. The hand-dyed buttons matched perfectly to her dress- what a genius! She will always be my muse.:·゚✧

As my journey with natural dying took root, I recalled my Nana's story and began to curate my own coffee dye. This is where Goddess Rising's neutral nude color was born from.

“Inspired by our matron-muse, our signature House Blend dye originates from organic coffee beans. Once the garments are removed from the fresh dye pot, a beautiful nude color appears."

Natural dyes are our thing at Goddess Rising. During the dye process, there is a real connection with creating with one's hands and the slow process of color conception. To turn a plant into dye color on cloth is magik.

Goddess Rising sources local plants when possible to lower our carbon footprint. Our Pink Prisms dye color sources local avocados (you can read about that here). Creating in-house dyes lowers the impact on our micro-environment and thus our macro-environment. We are all connected.

To share our love of coffee with you at home, we created a coffee ceremony recipe. It is a sweet and easy way to celebrate YOU and coffee.

<3 <3 <3 Enjoy your café con sabor (coffee with flavor) recipe here <3 <3 <3

Lotsa hugs~



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