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11/29 Fullmoon Eclipse in November ♡

Love :: Restore.

You'll never get this- we have had 3 eclipses this month AND the latest one was the longest eclipse we've had in 580 yrs (fact check NASA).

This month of November has been a lot about strength for me.

How to hone in my strengths and skills, how to let go of the strong grips I have on certain ideas or emotions or past situations, and lastly how to rest so that I can become stronger.

Stronger can mean a more open heart. Stronger can be more rest. Stronger can be baking more to make your heart fuller. There are many ways to be and cultivate strength. This #fullmoon, I overcame a piece of anxiety stuck in my heart because of this idea of strength.

As you read the meditation, keep this idea of strength in your heart.

Let your heart redefine it.

To access this fully guided meditation, click on our instagram @goddessrising_intimates to watch our latest IG Live video under the 'video' tab <3


Please begin in a comfortable position (laying down or sitting up) and connect to your breath. Big counts of 3 into your belly, expand your ribcage, inflate your lungs, and then exhale to the count of three from your belly, ribcage, lungs.

Once you feel clear in the lungs, start to close your eyes and continue.

Bring your finger tips to your chest and tap your heart awake. Tell your heart thank you. Take 5 rounds of breath. Then bring your palm to your chest and feel the tiny vibrations at your palm and chest, the connection, the warmth.

You are connected with your body.

O P E N .

Keep your eyes closed but begin to sway your ear to one shoulder then the opposite. Open your neck, chin comes back to center, then tilt your chin to the sky and the ground. Go slowly.

Roll your shoulders forward, up to your ears, and squeeze the shoulder blades down your spine. Repeat this multiple times with an inhale breath for the shoulders up and an exhale breath for the shoulders down the back.

Pause, and notice how open and expansive your chest and heart and lungs feel.

Good, right?


Bring your peace fingers to the ground. Feel your body connected to Earth.

Imagine roots coming out of your feet and spine, reaching down to the ground. Past the Earth's crust, down past underground rivers and sand and thick mud; down past crystal caves and huge boulders. Reaching down to a ball of soft light at the center of the Earth.

Wrap your roots around this ball. Hug it. Feel the light start to reach up back through your roots with every inhale. Keep breathing until this light reaches your body.

With every inhale reach the light into parts of your body, moving slowly.

Hold this light at your stomach and let it swirl into a soft round shape, melting away anxiety or tension or discouragement.

This light reaches your heart, melting away hurt you are holding onto.

This light swirls at your throat, transmuting anger into love.

This light reaches the crown of your head, out past your body.

This beam of light reaches up, up, up into the sky, atmosphere and finally space.

Immense, infinite, divine light. Love. This is love.


On IG Live, I go deeper into this idea of love and speak to it here.

I hope the meditation can help support your body and heart <3

Below are the journal prompts.

Please draw a big heart on a piece of paper and write the following answers in the heart.

Write down 1 thing you love about yourself.

If you start to *think* about this too much, you will need to take a few slow breaths, and ask your heart the question. Then bring pen to paper and write it down.

Write down 1 thing you love about your home.

You get to interpret what your home is to you, or what 'home' is.

Write down 1 thing you love about your physical self.

Is it a physical skill? Your physical appearance? How your body can physically do something?

Write down 1 thing you love about your mental self.
Write down 1 thing you love about your heart.
Write down 1 way you can extend your heart to another person.
Write down 1 thing you can commit to this weekend that is centered around loving yourself.

Your body can only give to you as much as you give to it. You can only be as nourished and supported as your body is. So, please give back to yourself this season. With 2022 around the corner, it is vital to cultivate love and strength into your body so that you set yourself up a strong foundation for this coming year.

When you are able to love yourself you can better love others.

When you are able to receive from yourself you can better receive from others.

If this speaks to you, forward it to a friend. Subscribe to our emails to easily receive monthly #FULLMoon exercises in your virtual mailbox <3

be love.



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