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10/20 Blood Fullmoon in October ♡

Action :: Surrender.

Happy full blood moon my lil pumpkins.

And happy Fall!

I have been in a space of pull and pause, a space where it was not easy for me to sit down and write this meditation, let alone meditate!

I have been connecting to prayer more, which can be taken into so many different directions- journaling, speaking, meditating.

We are fully in Fall now. The transition has taken place, and this is the month of magik. Previous to the week of the #fullmoon, I felt anxious, I felt stuck in a certain feeling, a 'typa way' as Drake might say. This week OF the fullmoon, I suddenly felt this synergy of action and surrender- which felt great.

Action: the act of will, the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition.

Surrender: to give (oneself) over to something such as influence, or my definition- to be present in the moment.

As we dive into these two ideas, I want you to be aware of your body and heart.

To access this fully guided meditation, click on our instagram @goddessrising_intimates to watch our latest IG Live video under the 'video' tab <3


What a question!

I love this question because it reveals to me the place I mentally am in.

You can zoom out with the lense of a bigger picture... which at times may cause anxiety. I did this last week. I gaged where I was in comparison to where I want to be, what I want to do and how to get there as if I had the answer to life. And that, my friend, is not the lense I wanted. It felt suffocating and I felt like I had no answers, comparing my whole life in one single moment.

And so, I zoomed in. Ask urself- WHERE AM I?

Where are you physically sitting? What location is your body actually in?

I want you to repeat 3x's with 3 breaths your location:

"I am in my ____" or "at the _____ "or "on the ____".

This lets you anchor your physically body into the moment.

Enjoy the grounding sensation.


Who are you? Again, we answer this with ease.

Take a deep breath- and say aloud or in your head:

"My name is _(full name)___" or "I am __(full name)___".

Repeat this 3x's with the inhale, and exhale as you feel your spirit ground into your body more.


This one is as easy as it sounds : )

Please state the date, with 3 big, deep, full breaths.

"It is __(day of week)___, October __(date)__ 2021."

Repeat 3x's slowly, as you let your body know where it is in time.

It is in the present moment.


The time! How often we are so focused on what time something is at, what time we need to leave, etc.

In this moment can you just be here?

Let your body and mind know that at this exact time, you are letting urself be present.

"It is __(state time)__."

Repeat with a smile 3x's, with 3 deep breaths, as you feel ur body ground down deeply.


At this point on IG Live, I have a deeper meditation on the idea of action & surrender. The above meditation was to prep you to be 'here' before diving deeper into a meditation.

I invite you to listen to the IG Live meditation here.

I hope the tool within the meditation will be utilize to keep you afloat and grounded for the rest of the month, and hopefully the rest of ur life <3


This week, for 7 days only, I invite you to write down 1 single action every day. It can be something as easy as:

"Today I will drink coffee in quietness" or "I will go on a walk today" or "I will eat lunch today" or "I will finish x,y, or z".


In addition to the action prompt, I invite you to write down 1 single 'surrender' every day for 7 days. 7 days out of the 365 days of the year.

An example of a surrender is:

"I will go to bed earlier tonight" or "I will take a bath today" or "I will enjoy and eat my dinner slowly" or "I will enjoy my coffee without technology".


To be able to complete an action you have to surrender your time into it. To surrender you must choose to actively be present in that moment.

If this speaks to you, forward it to a friend. Subscribe to our emails to easily receive monthly #FULLMoon exercises in your virtual mailbox <3

~ I am me & only me. I am in my body ~

(a sweet + easy mantra for u)



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