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Sun in Virgo- love fills within.

Happy Fullmoon in Pisces my sweet lil fish.

I was recently exchanging experiences of being in the desert during a full moon with someone. How you can go outside in the middle of the night with no lights or lamps, but see fully. It is the moon. It shines so brightly. Everything is illuminated in the dark. You can see.

Due to most of us living in the city or places of light pollution, it may seem hard to believe.

I then came across this shared idea of full moons being a time of illumination on things we ourselves do not want to see- but have the opportunity to.

And what better time than now? This #fullmoon is a Harvest moon and Wednesday is the beginning of Fall, or our Fall Equinox. It is such a beautiful time of transition.

As we begin our transition from summer to fall, I would like to guide you into a meditation that can allow you to lovingly shed light on those dark places within.

Lovingly. Lovingly. Lovingly.

As always, through these meditations of vulnerability with ur heart, my hope is that you finish feeling lighter, brighter and loved.

To access this fully guided meditation, click on our instagram @goddessrising_intimates to watch our latest IG Live video. <3



Did u know ur cells absorb sunlight and moonlight and are already filled with starlight and even when u feel sad or down or otherwise ur lil cells are GLOWIN. This means u glow. In the dark. U light up in the dark. You are with light. You are light.

Lay down on ur back comfortably. Put pillows under your knees for low back support or put a cozy blanket on over you. Take up s p a c e. Press your limbs wide.

Focus on your breath. Inhale for 3 counts, hold, exhale for 3 counts. Start to expand your breath, nourishing ur body with fresh oxygen. Press ur belly button to the floor to really exhale all the stale-ness in ur body.

Imagine electricity in your pointer fingers. Press ur right pointer finger onto ur chest.

Inhale the warm current into your heart for a few breaths.

Lightly touch ur right pointer finger onto ur throat. Exhale an 'ahhhh' sound to feel ur throat vibrate against your pointer finger. Stay here for a few moments.

Press your finger onto the flat space in between your eyebrows. Massage a small circle counter clock-wise into that space. Enjoy the little massage.

Electricity presses into ur mind. Light takes up space.

Finally press your finger into your left open palm. Breathe deeply.

Switch to press your left pointer finger into your right open palm.

Relax your heart.

Bring your arms back down to your sides and sit with the warm electric current of love flowing through your bloodstream, lungs and organs. Light, light, light.

Stay here for as long as feels good, with deep exhales. Be here without taking the experience away from yourself.

When you are ready, grab a pen and paper to move on.

P O U R O U T.

Immediately bring pen to paper. Right down anything that comes into your brain and that which you feel and that which is within your heart.

Free write. Freely write. Write freely.

Keep going. Keep writing.

When you feel like stopping, keep going. Hold onto this experience for just a few more moments. When you are finished, read below.

Sometimes my heart plants cold seeds. They grow inwards towards themselves, never bursting forward or flourishing.
Never taking up nutrients. Cold. Hard. There. Sitting.
Sometimes I take my fingertips of light and see the cold seeds, acknowledge that they are there, then I pluck them out.
And I throw them far into the Earth. To be taken away by Her. Repurposed. Re-transmuted. It is then that I can ask Love to fill these voids of cold.
So I ask Love. Love, can you fill these spots of cold? And Love says yes. And my heart gets filled unconditionally with Love. And Love never asks for anything in return, Love keeps my heart warm.
Thank you Love. Thank you heart for receiving.

What cold seeds can you pluck from your heart?


We are beginning to enter fall, then winter. And with winter we want fresh, warm, nourished hearts.

How are you tending to ur heart now, so that come winter, it stays lit and full of flame?

If this speaks to you, forward it to a friend. Subscribe to our emails to easily receive monthly #FULLMoon exercises in your virtual mailbox <3

I am light. I am light. I am light.

And I shine.



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