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Sun in Virgo- second Moon in Aquarius for this year.

Happy Super Bluemoon in Aquarius- again!

Last month we spoke to being an active participant in ur own life.

So- how is it going? Are you engaged in it? Are you living in your own life?

This month's Aquarius #fullmoon fell on Sunday 8/22. The sun is now officially in Virgo. Happy birthday Virgo Queens <3

The theme of this season is to become more aligned within what is true to ur heart. With Fall right around the corner (I know for my West Coast babes it is not as transparent) it is vital for u to lift up and shine out what is really important. To come in contact with the light of your life and to touch it every single day.

This month's refuel will be light and accessible. The following tools can be used at any time to optimize what rings true to your heart. To align with love rather than fear.

If you would rather listen to my voice and be guided into the meditation below, go to our instagram @goddessrising_intimates and click our latest IG Live video <3

E M B R A C E.

This time rather than separating the meditation and journal, it will become one activity.

We will start with literally embracing ourselves.

Sit tall with back support or lay down with pillows beneath your shoulder blades or knees.

Inhale and bring your right arm out wide, exhale to drape your right palm on your left shoulder. Do this same movement for the left arm, then relax your elbows downward.

You should now be hugging yourself. To make this more comforting, rest your cheek onto the back of your hand. Breathe. Close your eyes. Enjoy the embrace, the feeling of your elbows like a blanket over your heart.

Did you know psychologists suggest 8 hugs a day for ultimate health? With today's social distancing, hugging urself counts.

Hold here for as long as feels good. Before you release from ur hug, inhale to give yourself a big, tight squeeze, then exhale to release.

Lovely! Grab a pen and paper for the next part.

M A G N E T I Z E.

Now that you have given urself some love, we can continue on energetic alignment. Bring your paper to be vertical length.

Draw an oval at the center of your paper, bigger than the size of an egg. On the outside of the top of the oval, write the words 'Surrender'.

Bring ur body to lay down or sit tall with palms on knees or along the center of your body. Close ur eyes and begin to breathe. Scan your body slowly from your toes all the way up to the crown of your head. Every muscle you scan melts and surrenders like butter. Softening, releasing, not holding on. Surrender. Be here for as long as feels right.

Write down towards the edge of ur paper the first thing that comes to ur heart after surrendering.
Draw an oval around the first oval. Outside of the bottom of the oval write 'Breathe'.

Let your body be in a comfortable position. Close ur eyes. Notice ur breath. Start to deepen it. Big inhale to ur belly, ribcage, to tops of collar bones, then exhale from belly, ribcage, collarbones. Slow, controlled and steady. Your body will automatically inhale, so focus on the exhale. Start to exhale more dramatically, pushing air out of both your nose and mouth at the same time. Maybe sighs release from your lips. U are pushing out all the stagnant, grey meh-ness in ur body, heart and mind. Breathe for as long as feels good.

Write down towards the edge of ur paper the first thing that comes to ur heart after breathing.
Draw an oval around the previous oval. Outside of the top of the oval write 'Sway'.

For this exercise, sit criss-crossed. You can sit on a pillow to create more space for your hips and lower back. Hands come to knees, slowly roll out ur neck- ear to shoulder, chin to chest, opposite ear to shoulder. Continue slowly, breathing with it. Change the movement and sway ear to shoulder, then opposite ear to opposite shoulder. Let your body sway with the head lob. Start to sway bigger, so that ur shoulders relax into it. Then your side bodies open to the sway. Your hands reach out wide to the floor, and push your body left to right. Your whole body is swaying. Arms can lift off the ground wide and reach left to right. Maybe you take this sway so big you begin to move in all different directions. If you get up to move, even better.

Write down towards the edge of ur paper the first thing that comes to ur heart after swaying.
Draw an oval around the last oval to complete the layers. Draw the first object that comes to ur heart in the center of the first circle. It can be anything.
Finally, draw a 'U' magnet at the top center of the oval layers facing downwards, and a 'U' magnet at the bottom center of the oval layers, facing upwards.

These tools- Surrender, Breathe, Sway- can be used often. They help your body relax, they help your mind-thoughts to melt away, they help the tension soften, they help ur heart shine.

And when your heart shines- you can live and participate in your own life easier.

You are aligned. You magnetize what matters to u into your heart.

When you push two negative-side magnets together, there is a force pushing them apart. They don't click. There is no alignment.

Bring a negative-side magnet and a positive-side magnet together and they click. They unite. They pull together, are strong and aligned.

These tools above help you click within yourself. When you can listen to ur body and understand what she needs, you are 'clicking'.

We want strong uniting healthy-magnet hearts and bodies : )

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remember who the fuq u are.



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