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Sun in Leo- actively participate in ur life!

Happy Supermoon in Aquarius!

Finally a *sigh* of relief. Is it just me or has the pressure of last month's emotions finally released? Last month in Cancer was a whole vibe, almost like a Drake song stuck on loop. So much to emote, release, and let go of (tears and all).

This month's Aquarius #fullmoon falls on Friday 7/23. The sun is in Leo- happy birthday to my very expressive Leo Queens ; )

This season is all about expression, innovation and expansion. Embracing the fullness of summer. I hope this prompt lets your heart open wide to love and embrace appreciation within your life.

These meditations and journal prompts are offered for you to make time for your heart and body. A lil monthly refuel.

If you would rather listen to my voice and be guided into the meditation below, go to our instagram @goddessrising_intimates and click our latest IG Live video : )

E N E R G I Z E.

Did I just reference Startrek? Yes I did.

The below meditation is going to beam your heart up (heh) and clear the debris in your mind. I suggest listening to the following guided meditation on our IG, but if you like it old school, let's begin.

Get comfy. Lay down on your back with a pillow beneath your knees, toes fall outward, feel your lower back decompress. If you prefer to sit up, have a pillow or wall behind your spine for support.

Place your hands on the center line of your body. Your palms can be placed on the front or back side or both sides of your body. The first time I did this meditation I placed a palm on my belly and a palm on my forehead, and the second time I placed a hand on my lower spine and on my chest. Play with which placement feels most centered and grounding for you.

Take deep breaths. Eyes closed, image different body parts feeling your breath. The base of your spine, the back of your ribcage, the bottoms of your feet, your palms, the base of your skull. Breath in deeply to parts of your body, letting your exhale release any pressure or strength your muscles are holding onto.

Imagine your cells vibrating. Feel this vibration hone in on your heart. Notice your heart vibrations creating a glowing color. What color is it?

This is l o v e. Feel this love expand and melt into every inch of your body. Feel this love expand and melt past the boundaries of your physical body.

If it could have a texture- what would this love feel like? Is it cool? Warm? Airy?

Keep breathing and let your love bubble expand more and more. See it in your mind expand to every empty and stagnant space in your room. You are blessing your space with your love. Practice and be curious with how far you can expand this love bubble. Past the walls of your living space, past the tree tops outside, past the Earth's dirt below.. how far can you reach it?

When you are ready, begin to call this love back towards yourself. With breath, slowly reverse the direction back to you, taking your time, seeing the love glow around you.

You can keep this love bubble expanded to your four walls, or call it in 6 feet around your body. When you're ready, gently roll your ankle and wrist joints out, take big stretches and wake your body up.


You have now cleared any 'stuff' from your heart, body, mind and now room. Bring your pen to paper and draw a big heart at the center, big enough to write words in.

Start to doodle. It can be lines, shapes- anything, around your heart.
Ask your heart, "What do you love?" Write down ur heart answers inside the heart on your paper.

Let your hand automatically write down answers. It can be anything- activities, foods, items. If your hand pauses, keep doodling until more answers come to your heart. Keep your pen on paper. You can always tap your heart with your fingertips to ask your heart what it loves. Do this for about 3-5 minutes, or more if you feel called to.


Place this love note near your bedside, in your planner or in the kitchen as a reminder of what your heart really loves. Let yourself see it daily, and make time for these things.

As children, it is so easy to do the things we love because our parents or aunts made time for us to do them. As adults, we simply forget to make time for ourselves to do these things we love.

You must make time for you.

You must fill your heart up with things it loves so that it becomes automatic for your heart to spread love out around you.

By filling your heart up, it overflows to others.

Love is a cycle.

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sending big hugs,



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