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Café de Olla- RECIPE

A sweet coffee recipe to celebrate our House Blend coffee dye- and you <3

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In our last House Blend blog post, we gave the scoop on our lovely coffee dye. The passed-down family story inspired Goddess Rising's original House Blend color. As promised, we created a lil' ceremony to connect to your authentic self through coffee <3

Coffee Ceremony

For Goddess Rising, Mexico is dear to our heart. She is sweet, warm, spicy and FULL of life and beauty *cue heart tears*. We borrowed this recipe from Mexico <3

Below is the recipe for café de olla paired with journal prompts to get you in alignment with yourself. #cafédeolla #coffeedye #coffeeceremony


Take a few deep breaths. This is a time for you to focus on your own ability to create. You're brilliant! Before you begin to 'brew, journal this question:

♡ What word do you want to taste in your coffee?

*this can be a simple word or phrase, but it just sets the tone for making this time for yourself magikal and sacred.


♡ Recipe: Café de Olla

In Mexico, if you wake up early with the locals, you can find cute older women on the street selling café de olla (Mexican spiced coffee) in giant gallon containers. They usually have a huge bag of pan (bread) to pair with your coffee. I am a dip-and-sip with my café de olla y pan, but some like the bite-and-sip approach. This café is full of cinnamon and warmth- a lovely addition to any fall day.

Receta (recipe):

♥8 cups of water

♥1/2 cup of medium-course ground coffee (skip the artificial flavored beans. light-medium roast is best)

♥1 cinnamon stick (avoid the powder)

♥5 cloves

♥3 small conitos piloncillo/ panella (cane sugar cones)

*if you like your coffee less sweet, you can use 1.5 piloncillos. I only have 1 large piloncillo cone so I am using half of that.

**you can also add a slice of orange- ya siStar you read that right!

***another addition is to add 1-2 star anise- it really rounds out the flavor<333

♡Step 1

Bring 8 cups of water to a pot. Add cinnamon stick, conitos chicos de piloncillo, and clove. Bring to a boil for the piloncillo to dissolve.

♡Step 2

Turn off heat. Remove pot from heat. After 5 minutes add the coffee grounds and stir together. Cover and let sit for an additional 5 minutes.

*if you let the coffee grounds sit longer in the pot, it will burn your coffee, so keep a timer on<3

♡Step 3

Strain the coffee and serve! Keep the cinnamon stick in the brew for more spice. You can add milk, but try without it first to really taste Mexico in your cup :)


♡ Journal as coffee steeps: What brings me x?

*x is your chosen word

♡Journal as you sip your coffee filled with your intention:

Where does your word warm up your body?

This allows you to really be in your body. Notice your skin, your muscles, your bones- as you sip your creation. Thank your body and your coffee for being filled with your word you chose!

Share your café de olla + journaling on social media by tagging #goddessrisingintimates and #GRhouseblend

♡*♥Lots of love♡*♥




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