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Goddess Rising is inspired by the Goddesses whom inhabit this Earth (that means you, b).

Goddesses have been linked to ideals of love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, motherhood, creation, mysticism and death. 

Women inhabit, express + create in these many cycles of life.

Within these cycles, Goddess Rising was born.

Designed, brewed + intimately made into dreamy bra + panties. Pieces of nature supporting ur most intimate parts.

We are transparent and honest in our production:

A local woman-owned business sews every bra + panty

- We source USA-grown organic cotton

- All of our colors are 100% plant dyes 

- Collaboration with a New Mexico jeweler to make recycled metal bra strap adjusters

- Member of the Clothing & Textiles Coalition of All Together Now PA 


We are here to make less waste, less human hurt, less environmental harm; more transparency, more trust + more awareness. More love.

We design with this planet + its 

Earth Queens in mind. ♡ 


Goddess Rising Intimates

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